Costume Vendor in UK


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Hey guys,

I've just hopped the pond to the UK and I'm looking for a GOOD costume vendor over here - i've found 2 online but the first 2 that google produced weren't my taste and i figured asking here was a good idea while i keep searching :)


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Hi Mya, welcome to the UK!

The ones I know are:
Everything Egyptian has some lovely Egyptian costumes and not too expensive, online shop and selling at dance events.

Brighton Orient Very large stock, not the cheapest but nice stuff and the top end costumes can be amazing. Also it's possible to go and try things on by appointment if you can't catch them at a dance event. I see the website says they will pick you up from rail stations! Fair enough, they are probably hard to get to by public transport otherwise. But with a car or being picked up it's easy enough from London.

And Farida Dance. Lots of practice wear and galebiyas and a few costumes including Eman Zaki. Again, on line and travelling to dance events. They are at Shimmy in the City in Croydon on the 26th.

I've bought from all of these and not had any problems, they've been around for a while and are well established.