Camp Negum Intensive, April, 23-28, 2014

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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival

Camp Negum is a unique belly dance Festival in Egypt. Our event gives dancers direct contact with the music and cultural behind Raqs Sharki. Our festival is small and personal so dancers can get to know one another, the teachers and the musicians. Our teachers are some of the biggest stars to have performed or are currently performing in Egypt. Safaa Farid’s Orchesta Negum is the worlds most recognized and respected orchestra for dancers. The members of Orchestra Negum have collectively played for most of the famous dancers in Egypt over the last 25 years.
Camp Negum privides a one-of-a-kind dance experience in that many of the classes and all of the performances are to live music!
Camp Negum is a noncompetitive event and an all-inclusive price makes it affordable to dancers. As well as master instruction and performances, CampNegum offers the opportunity to experience the culture of Egypt with performances by authentic, local folk groups and excursions to cultural sites.
Leila Farid (one of the most popular and respected performers in Egypt today) created Camp Negum to foster respect for the music, musicians and traditions of Egyptian dance while allowing performers to gain a deeper understanding of Raqs Sharki and in the process to find their own voiceand style.
Belly dance, perform, study, relax and site see, all with Live Egyptian Music and Master Egyptian Teachers….The Camp Negum experience.

Camp Negum Intensive will explore the many facets of Egyptian dance. From the Mergence to classic choreographies to Beledi and tabla improvisation, master teachers will give instruction and information to increase understanding of Egyptian dance and it’s place and history in Egyptian society. Camp Negum intensive will be held in a beautiful, Touristic Hotel a short ways from Cairo. Limited to 25 people, the workshops will be small and allow for personal attention. All participants will be able to perform with Orchestra Negum at 2 VIP parties. We will also take a Nile Cruise, experience a traditional Zaar music performance and enjoy a fun Shaabi dance party. Study, perform, soak up the sun by the pool, experience the sights, history, music and dance of Egypt at Camp Negum.

Featuring Master Teachers: Leila Farid, Safaa Farid, Tatiana Eshta, Yasmin Henkish, Tatiana Dorosh, Sayed Lakey. With Live Music by Orchestra Negum.
Topics to be covered in Camp Negum Intensive: Mergence’, Classic Song, Beledi Song, Oriental/Pharaonic, Beledi, Taxsim, Tabla Solo, Sagat, Zaar (trance and performance of), Tanoura technique, Dancing to Live Music, History of Egyptian Dance
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Dancer Pricing: (workshops, lectures, dancing in or watching the evening shows, room and board): $850 *based on double occupancy.

Non dancer Pricing: (watching the shows, room and board): $650 * based on double occupancy.

We are asking for small donations of clothing and toys that will be presented to the boys of the Rawdet el Abrar Orphanage after the Shaabi party. We will give you the name of the boy, his size and age after you register if you would like to donate. If you cannot attend Camp Negum Intensive but would still like to give to the Rawdet orphanage you can contact Aleya at

* Group leaders with 10 or more in her group will receive a free event.

* 10% Discount for anyone who attends Camp Negum 3 times or more.

* Kids under 5 years are free.

Deposit of half of the total payment is required to register for the event. The second half (plus tips for staff) will be paid on the first day of the camp in US dollars. To register for Camp Negum by making a deposit by Western Union or PayPal contact:

English Language - Leila Farid at

Russian and English Language - Tatiana Eshta at

Refunds: Full refund of deposit will be given up to 2 months before event. 50% refund of deposit will be given until 1 month before event. No refund of deposit will be given less than one month to event. Part of the deposit may be transferable to upcoming events.

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The place where we're staying is GORGEOUS!!! minutes from the Step Pyramid! Sleeping away from Cairo's noise under the stars of the pharaohs! Palm trees and a pool more elegant than the Mena House.

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Do not miss Camp Negum Intensive in Cairo, 23-28 April 2014!
Opening party will be on the elegant Nile Maxim featuring Leila Farid, Tatiana Eshta and Grand Prix winner of the "Ahsan Nass 2013" festival (Odessa, Ukraine) Amina Asfour from Ukraine with Orchestra Negum of Safaa Farid!

Amina Asfur from Ukraine

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There are just some free spots! Don`t miss Camp Negum Intensive, which includes:

* 17-19 Hours of dance classes and lectures (some classes to live music)

* Live Music Dance Party-2 nights with Dinner in Touristic Village and VIP Egyptian guests. Participants can sign up to dance with Orchestra Negum at no extra cost.

* Full board including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are NOT included except at breakfast only: tea, coffee and juice. Beer and wine are available for purchase. One bottle of alcohol is permitted upon entrance to Egypt. There is a minimal corkage fee for liquor at the hotel.

* Performances by the Camp Negum teachers.

* Opening party at Nile Maxim with Dinner featuring Leila Farid, Tatiana Eshta and Amina Asfur of Ukraine.

* Traditional Zaar musical concert.

* Contemporary Shaabi show by Team Shoteen and Heba Farid with special guests attending from the Rawdet el Abrar Boys Orphanage.

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"Hello Everyone,
I am very excited about the Camp Negum Intensive. We have a very nice group coming and ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT if there are those of you who would like to come but still haven't registered.
Personally, I am looking forward to the Zaar workshop by Yasmin Henkesh and the Pharaonic Dance workshop by Tatiana Eshta and the mergence' workshop by our beloved Tatiana Dorosh. That is only just a sample of the classes.
Plus the opening party on Nile Maxim with Amina as our special guest, the Zaar Music concert at Makaan Cultural Center and our own Shaabi party featuring the talent of the students from the National Arts School and the super shaabi Heba Farid.
Looking forward to seeing you all dance with Orchestra Negum!
See you soon,

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Dear participants! Please let me know the date and time of your arrival in Cairo, we need to know it for the transfer. Thank you! Still couple of spots available! You have time to join us! :)

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I am very very happy about the Camp Negum Intensive I am very very happy to meet old and new friends. And it's a honor for me to dance at Nile Maxim boat with the best and my favourite egyptian singer Safaa Farid and his wonderful orchestra. And I am very very happy to have classes of the most experienced instructors and to feel the real spirit of egyptian belly dancing. I want to say thank you to Safaa Farid, to Laila Farid and to Tatiana Eshta for giving us this oportunity.
Looking forward to see everybody at Camp Negum very soon!!!!!
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Tatiana Dorosh

is one of the most famous and revered russian teachers of oriental dance. She has taught seminars throughout all post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and others), as well as in Cyprus. She is studying oriental dance with meticulous care of the researcher. We are happy that Tatiana will be in our teaching team of Camp Negum intensive. She will present a very interesting topic about the history and development of entrance with examples of choreographies. Do not miss to learn it!


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As yet you have the chance to get the latest available spots in the Camp Negum Intensive! Do not miss this opportunity of the last days!

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Dear friends! April 25 will be Shaabi party! If you have the dances of this style in your repertoire, take your CD with phonograms and dance! Let`s shaabi at all-out!