Boleros - Costume Inspiration!

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So, while thinking of a Spanish flavored bd style of dress, I thought of this old lace bolero I have had for years and haven't worn- thought it would be a great costume peice. I also stumbled across a vid recently of a Russian BD competition & saw very unique costumes and my favorite was one with a 1/2 lace bolero w/sleeve, kinda 60's style. It was beautiful!

So then I got to thinking what a great addition lace boleros would be to some styles (mostly fusions, etc.) I know some dancers already wear them, but the choli tops seem most commonly sold at bd shops. Anyway, for cossie inspiration, I thought I'd post some pics of boleros for sale on Etsy. :)

lace bolero on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.
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Wow thoes look great! I wouldn't just use them for BD costume :D Would be great for BD Latino fusion. I just learnt a choreography for this exact thing, these would go beautifully with the dance I learnt. I especially love the bottom left one, the one with the woman wearing it. Very pretty. Thanks! :D


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If anyone's in canada, you can sometimes find cheap one's like this in a store called "urban planet" :) Like under 20 dollars...I got a long black lace cardigan from there with the front being longer than the back, it's beautiful :)