Az Az Kaboria by Ortega


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Hello hello!!

So I've been searching for the lyrics of this song Az Az Kaboria by Ortega (also azaz kabouria ahlam) [h=1] in arabic so that someone could help me translate them or at least tell me what the song is about, and can't find it anywhere T_T [/h]Here is a music video:

The song I'm looking for ends in 2:23. It is from the album New Age of Egyption songs and bellydance (yes, egyption).

If someone speaks arabic, and could tell me what it is about or if someone knows where I could find the lyrics, I would really be grateful!

Thank you!!!


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Same song? Kaboria being crab isn't much use unless you have a crab-themed costume waiting for an excuse. Even then it might be crabs that aren't really crabs, like that song about fruit that's not really about fruit. Cultures are so confusing...
Wouldn't it be perfect for the bouillabaisse troupe?
(sorry for being off topic and not being able to contribute further)