Advent calender plans for 2012


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Are we going to carry on the tradition of the OD Advent Calender? It's the middle of November and time for the date choosing to begin. Where is Our Lady of the Calender?


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Hello ladies!

I thought that my signature was already visible. I am afraid that it will be very difficult for me to organise the entire Advent Calendar thing. Well, i have some busy schedules the following weeks and this makes the time i can spend online,short.

I would love to undertake an Advent day but what if i organise the entire thing and i am not there regularly to update the Calendar?

What can we do about that?



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Don't worry about it Walladah, we'll see if we can get someone else to take it on for this year.

Any takers? Maybe 2 Mods can work together?


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Walladah, just wanted to make sure you got credit for the idea and the chance to continue to guide it if you wished. Pick your day!

I volunteer to keep the calender going. Anyone want to volunteer along with me? Faaaaraaashaaaaaaa?????? Hmmmm?