A different kind of fusion


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Sorry I was bored. Then there were some very odd movements - watching tennis, swimming pursued by shark and later typewriter head


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Snaky arm moves work very well, but where do you go when the music gets all fiery and dramatic? The energy is all different; I just don't think it works for belly dance.

Maybe I'm just stuck in a Ballets Russes mindset. :rolleyes:


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I've tried dancing to that same piece of music, but Rimskey-Korsakov is so Russian that trying to combine the his music and belly dance left me frustrated at every turn ( pun intended :D). Best I could manage was some kind of modern dance sans Isadora's sensibilities.


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Lovin' your comments! I thought it was kinda funny to not have the rhythms that you need for raqs and to half-have the movements...