7-Day Intensive Seminar; Level 2 (7-DIS; L2) - June 6-12, 2016


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Event Type: Intensive
Short Description: In-depth Study of the Egyptian Dance Code® and the Golden Age of Egypt
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
State/Province: California

7-Day Intensive Seminar; Levels 2 Memorial Day (May) week - June 6-12, 2016

The Second Level of three of a Complete Study in Classic Egyptian Style (CES) Belly Dance and the Egyptian Dance Code® (EDC®), focusing on Fundamental CES Belly Dance Technique using the proven Sausan Method! Seminars include the following:

• Review of 7-DIS, Level 1
• Advanced Music Dissection, Creative Choreography & Spontaneous Improvisation via Applied Basic Principles
• Video Study - Lives & Performances of the Late Great Egyptian Dancers of the Golden Age of Egypt to Present
• Essential Study of Must-Know Music and Composers
• Field Trips to Middle Eastern Stores & Costume Shops
• Continuing Finger Cymbal (Sagat) Technique - Patterns & Application
• History, Culture, & Cuisine
• Course Study Materials & Certificate of Completion

Completed your Level 1 7-Day Intensive Seminar? Want to continue your studies? Excited about CRACKING THE CODE to authentic Egyptian dance! Sign up TODAY and take that next step to perfecting the it of “IT”!!!

Location:4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

7-DIS; L2 registration link: http://www.sausanacademy.com/#!7-day-intensive-seminars/c18i7

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