30-day Posture Makeover by Michelle Joyce


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I ran across this video on Amazon because I have Michelle's videos in my wish list and I thought, I could use that... So I bought it. I have been using it now for five days and the difference it is making to my posture is immense. I have had back issues for my entire life and for the first time I actually feel like I'm improving. So far I have worked on;
Day 1- Sustainable, Relaxed Posture
Day 2 - Forward Head
Day 3 - Neck Position
Day 4 - Shoulder Position
Day 5 - Sitz Bones
I recognized a few of the stretches she uses as ones recommended to me for years by my chiropractor, and I have used them in the past, but the context has made all the difference now. Before I stretched and loosened but then would go right back to poor posture and tighten back up.

Anyway I'll stop gushing but if no one objects I'll come back once a week and give my opinion on it again.

Seriously, check this video out.
(It's available on both her own site, thepowerofposture.net, and Amazon.)

The Power of Posture
Amazon: 30 day Posture Makover

Suzanne Azhaar

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Too many hours spent assisting others, my posture is deeply in need of renovation. Thank you for the suggestion. Ordered, hoping it will help.


Thank you, Ariadne! I clicked on the links right away and it seems very helpful (I don't have the best posture/happiest spine, either...) The DVD is not available on Amazon Canada yet, but I am trying to order the series through the product website - can't wait to get started!

Later edit: Got it! There is a video download option on the website: http://thepowerofposture.net/product/testing/. I was even happier to see that the videos (links arrive in the order confirmation email) are already split by day - unlike my only streaming video purchase (WDNY rental), which is indeed one streaming, no-bookmarks video of over 2 hours. :)
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Interesting! I might give this a go, partly for myself, and partly to see if it's something I could recommend to students and friends in search of posture help. Those who have tried it so far, do you think it would work even for people with no previous dance or movement training?


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Absolutely. It's not actually a dance video at all, it's strictly posture oriented (which is probably why it's not available on her Cheeky Girls site). The instructions are very clear and she demonstrates everything. There is of course the standard disclaimer for those with health issues to check with their physicians first, and depending on the condition that is probably a good idea, but my chiropractor is very interested to see the results on my next visit.


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Ok, so I got to day seven and then life happened and I stopped using the video. For almost two weeks now I've been telling myself I'll get back to it "tomorrow". I'm thinking that I'll wait till my next Chiropractor appointment this week and then try starting again from day one.

So, having done days 1-7 on the DVD I can say now two weeks later that just the tips I received from those seven days has made a difference in my level of discomfort. I was expecting to see my chiropractor 1-2 weeks after the last appointment because of how badly I was doing and now I am quite comfortable waiting a month. The couch that used to give me back pain is no longer an issue and I am sleeping better as well. :dance:


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I'm wandering over to Amazon to order it for my daughter and for me. She has lower back scoliosis and perhaps this program will help ease the ache. She has never let the problem keep her down (she is a police officer and athlete) but it would be lovely for some of the pain to stop.


This is great to know about. My back issues are kind of mild, but my SO has a lot of trouble with his back, and anything helpful is worth trying. And I'll add my voice to those who like Michele's videos.