2020 World Weather Thread


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Clear, 11 degrees, and a howling wind that drops the "feels like" temperature to -10. I will not be taking the dog for a walk along the river this morning.


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Clear, 18 degrees, wind holding down to a reasonable level. It howled all day yesterday, tossing snowbanks into all sorts of interesting contortions. 200 miles of the east-west freeway across the southern part of the state was closed. It's closed a lot in winter. Ranchers in the area tried telling the highway department that it was a stupid place to put a major roadway, but the politicians and engineers knew best. Ha. We didn't get our paper this morning. It's printed 200 miles from here in Cheyenne, and this is the second time in a week and a half that an accident between here and there delayed delivery. No one hurt, fortunately, but missing papers has become a frequent situation since the print shop here closed down.


A beautiful winter day. 0C, a tiny breeze and warming sun. All day. Perfect for skiing, ice skating and other winter outdoors activities. 🎿


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I mentioned the wind howling on Friday. The following was in the paper today. We live just downwind from the anemometer on Outer Drive.

Wind speeds reached 90 mph on Outer Drive in Casper on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

That's as fast as the winds produced in a category 1 hurricane.

The 90-mph gust was recorded on Friday afternoon, according to the weather service. High wind speeds were recorded around the state, prompting highway closures and making travel difficult.

The windy weather also resulted in significant blowing and drifting snow, according to the National Weather Service office in Riverton.

Other top wind speeds that occurred Friday around Wyoming included:

89 mph in Red Canyon;
77 mph at Muddy Gap;
71 at Fort Washakie;
69 mph at Hat Six Road on the eastern edge of Casper;
61 mph in Mills;
56 mph at the Casper/Natrona County International Airport;
55 mph at the Buffalo airport.

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I am so ready for spring. It hasn't been too bad of a winter here (for a change) but even so, winter is not my forte, and in addition, I am ready for longer days and shorter nights.


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That's where were headed, by the end of the month we should be looking at spring. All things considered I'm glad that is still on time.