10 Movements


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Sometime before the invasion someone posted a very useful list of movements for beginners, but rather than saying figure 8's, camel, etc they said something along the lines of shapes, eg, circles, undulations etc. Anyone remember that or could repost it?


Not sure if this is what you were thinking of... But we have talked about 10 fundamental movement groups. 'My' list is lifts, drops, slides, snaps, circles, figure eights, undulations, shimmies, spins, traveling steps.

Aisha Azar

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Dear Eve,
I also teach from a system that I developed, based on 10 fundamentals movem,ents. I have a DVD out (A'isha Azar's Fundamentals of Egyptian Belly Dance) that is all about these movements. For more info, go to my site, www.raqsazar.com, and read about the DVD.

The 10 fundamental movements are:

Basic Walk
Basic Egyptian , (or trochanter based movement)
Basic Shimmy
Basic Slide
BAsic Spin
Basic Tilt
Basic Lock
Basic Circle
Basic Undulation
Basic Sway