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  1. Sophia Maria

    Iraqi Kawiliya: Reliable sources?

    Hello all, does anyone know much about the history of this dance? Or good performances of it? I discovered Kawiliya this summer (not even sure if "Kawiliya" is the right word to use) at a dance seminar. It was amazing, and my dance teacher used a section recently so I was reminded of it. All...
  2. Sophia Maria

    Shimmying for every occasion!

    The day before yesterday I was in the middle of practicing, when I realized I had clothes in the machine that needed to be hung! I didn't want to stop dancing completely, so I decided to shimmy the whole time I was hanging up laundry--and I would highly recommend it. I have a drying rack, and...
  3. Sophia Maria

    If I didn't already want to go to Egypt, this video alone would convince me :) Very fun!
  4. Sophia Maria

    I'm back!

    So I realized I haven't been here in ages!! I don't even remember how long...I've been busy, with non-dance things, but also fortunately with dance things....Looking forward to chatting and debating again on this lovely forum! :)
  5. Sophia Maria

    More crazy

    Sorry for the language, but ...
  6. Sophia Maria

    Fi youm wa leila / Bisalouni

    I was so happy to find what seems to be a full version of Fi youm wa leila; I adore Warda and this song in particular. I know recordings are always a little different and sometimes different sections are included or left out, but I'm confused because...
  7. Sophia Maria

    Rules of debke

    I got addicted to watching this guy's channel a while back. Funny and informative at the same time, haha!
  8. Sophia Maria

    Multiple Videos

    I'm curious--I was just unable to post more than one video in a thread. I can't remember the last time I tried to do that, but I know that I could do that before the forum changed. Is there a one video per post rule since the forum changed?
  9. Sophia Maria

    Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

    I just watched this documentary, and it is incredible. If anyone has even a bit of free time, you need to watch this. (WARNING: graphic) P.S. Is this the right part of the forum? I'm confused about whether this is the ME "dance history" and "culture"...
  10. Sophia Maria

    Help! I need a big skirt!

    So, I just realized today that I completely forgot to get myself a skirt for a workshop! The workshop is a theatricalized skirt dancing workshop, and I'm assuming I will need one of those skirts that has a lot of material that you can pick up and swish. Only problem is I don't have anything like...
  11. Sophia Maria

    websites to find music?

    I've been trying to buy more music because my dance practices have been getting stale and I find they drastically improve with new music that I'm excited about. I've wanted so bad to stock up on a bunch of Warda songs because she is my absolute favorite, but I am wary of buying things when I...
  12. Sophia Maria

    ExotiKa Bellyfusions

    I'm not usually big on fusion...but this performance makes me tempted to at least try it again :dance: (In the DBQ today):
  13. Sophia Maria

    Dina retiring

    I just saw this come up on my facebook feed...while it definitely is her decision to retire, it does make me a little sad. Hopefully she will have a comeback, or at least teach again? Showbiz Arabia: Bellydance queen Dina retires |
  14. Sophia Maria

    Random pronunciation question

    I love Tito Seif, but how do you say his name?! Tee-to? Tye-ti? Say-f? Sye-f? I weird asking this because he is world famous...
  15. Sophia Maria

    Upper Body Expression

    I have a question for all you teachers out there, and anyone else who wants to weigh in. For a long time now in my practice I have felt an imbalance between my lower body expression and my upper body expression. What I mean is, although when I listen to music I can simultaneously appreciate...
  16. Sophia Maria

    Israeli dancers

    I discovered a new dancer today, who does a lovely interpretation of Enta Omri. Apparently she's a teacher in Israel who does a lot of work with Persian dance. I find myself almost always liking Israeli dancers. Orit is definitely in my top 3, and I...
  17. Sophia Maria

    Lebanese dancers/style

    Hey, I've realized that I really have never followed Lebanese style bellydancing...what dancers would be good to watch? I know Dina Jamal but honestly no others off the top of my head.
  18. Sophia Maria


    What is a megeance, or mejanse, or mejance? I've seen it spelled many different ways. But every now and then I keep on coming across it in the title of youtube videos. Is the entrance? Every video I click on shows a fast tempo song, so it would seem like an entrance to me. :think:How would one...
  19. Sophia Maria

    Beginner machine problem

    I recently started up (again) my quest to learn sewing. The thing is, I'm used to sewing on my mom's Bernina, and I've now inherited my grandmother's old White machine. It's a White 765, from 1965, I think? Weighs about 10,000 pounds... Anyway, my friend and I worked out how to wind a bobbin...
  20. Sophia Maria

    Keep getting logged out/timed out?

    Hi, This hasn't been a big issue at all, but I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. I come to the forum and I log in, but then even when I'm active (i.e. typing a response or a post) if I'm writing anything longer than a small paragraph, when I hit 'post' it asks me to log in...