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    Does anyone have Facebook for belly dance and if so, is yours under a personal page or a business page and why did you choose that one? Thanks :)
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    Real Housewives of NY belly dancing

    So, I don't know if any of you are into the Real Housewives shows, but I am and am very interested in seeing the next episode of NY because they go to Morocco and try belly dancing! I'm so curious to see how it plays out :) Just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone wants to see it... I...
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    Practice log

    A log for those who want to keep track of their practice sessions & be motivated by others. :)
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    Posting Videos of Children - WARNING.

    So, I was randomly looking at youtube vids of belly dancers and some child dancers came up. Occaisonally I look at these and think they are cute. I do have in the back of my mind that it may not be the best idea for people to post these vids because of the perverts out there, but I thought...
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    Street performing

    I came across some belly dancers that were performing on the street. I like the idea of it, but I wonder what it's really like. I know it's not very common to see street performers in smaller towns, but they are very common in big cities around the U.S. I very much enjoy them around my city...
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    Dog lovers

    If only I could reach through my computer screen to give this pup hugs and kisses... UJBlZttz8QQ Update: Reunited with owner!!! kG8wZjKEnNQ
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    What is Arabic?

    Every once in a while I hear the word "Arabic" mentioned in a belly dance reference. Sometimes it's meant as a general term, sometimes someone will say it's not a proper term... I'm confused. I don't know much about ME culture and I'm not sure what is considered Arabic. Is it just a language...
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    How to stream video???

    Copy the embed code from the video on Youtube and post it. Example: <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 2. Erase everything and only keep the part of the codes that's in the...
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    Where do you practice?

    Ok, so I don't have much space at all to practice (or privacy) and I was wondering, where can I find a large space to practice with mirrors? The dance school is closed when classes are not in session, so that is out. I was thinking of getting a 24hr gym membership and practicing in the...
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    Boleros - Costume Inspiration!

    So, while thinking of a Spanish flavored bd style of dress, I thought of this old lace bolero I have had for years and haven't worn- thought it would be a great costume peice. I also stumbled across a vid recently of a Russian BD competition & saw very unique costumes and my favorite was one...
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    Spanish Infusion

    Well, after spending 6 months studying bd and being overwhelmed by the different styles and sub styles, I've honed in on what I would like to study and eventually perform. Cabaret (I can't say specific regions 'cause I'm not quite there yet and I will most likely mix in several) and Spanish...
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    Flipping hair while performing

    I have a question for you hair flippers! When I see this done during BD, it's usually a drastic swirling of the neck & head. Is this specifically the way it's supposed to be done and/or is it specific to a certain style of BD? Sometimes hair flipping techniques take time to learn and I tend...
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    Wrong costume?

    Would this be an example of someone wearing the wrong costume for the style of dance? Her dance seems fusion tribal, but her outfit looks Turkish... it was confusing to watch! YouTube - Christa Belly Dance
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    Hi Ladies ...and gents? :) I came across belly dancing about a month ago by accident (youtube vids that popped up) and I'm obsessed! OBSESSED! How have I not discovered this years ago??? I feel like this is what I was born to do! I have tried out many careers in my life (in my 30's) and I...