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    Good dancer but bad camera work

    I`ve been searching a normal video of Costa Rican dancer Estelle but so far the videos of her (and all the videos of Hizzi Ya Nawaem competition) always have bad camera work that dont make justice to the dancers, for example look at this: bYskKvsMRmA I wonder if some of you have a link when i...
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    Video on copyright on oriental dance.

    I know this is very common in bellydance, that one dancer makes exactly the same choreography, but anyways i wanted to post this video. Copyrights in Oriental Dance by Beata & Horacio Cifuentes - YouTube
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    Didem costumes slideshow

    Do you like them? 39 Didem Costumes (Slideshow, HD) - YouTube
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    Bozenka teaching an uncommon shimmy, the bedouin

    I havent seen a video of a dancer this kind of shimmy, how many shimmy variations are? Bedouin shimmy - YouTube
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    Bellydancing under water

    Weird, in my opinion it looks more syncronized swimming than bellydancing. Belly Dance under Water - YouTube
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    A program that convert videos to mp3

    I`ve seen in many bellydance forums people asking for the name of the song so they can search it to download them. I`ve downloaded a program that is able besides to download the video that is capable to convert it only to mp3 so you can enjoy your favorite arabic music in your multimedia player...
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    Sword dance with the eyes covered.

    8XGIRLwcw4o Correct link
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    Didem dancing hip hop

    Here we see the famous Turkish dancer Didem dancing although is not precisely belly dance:) Turkish Belly Dancer - Didem 112 (Beyonce - Diva) - YouTube
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    Saida dancing shik shak shok

    It`s not common to see Saida dancing in a traditional style, this was in 1999, for some reason she decided to change to a more stylized dance and let her hair grow. Saida -Fiesta Arabe -Neuquen -Inolvidable -19-9-99.mp4 - YouTube
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    Playing with fire is dangerous, isnt it?

    YouTube - Chuvani Fire Dance YouTube - SegundaGala Raks Princess: Espada De Fuego ( Belly Dance Fire Sword)
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    Israeli dancer, Nataly Hay

    YouTube - ‫???? ?? NATALY HAY - BELLY DANCE‬‎ YouTube - ‫???? ?? NATALY HAY - BELLY DANCE‬‎ YouTube - belly dance nataly hay - ???? ??
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    Saida drum solo and the motorcycle

    YouTube - bellywood (saida solo de derbake)
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    Lulu Sabongi dancing with live pianist

    I dont know what you think about this performance but for me is original at least somebody come here and "burst the bubble" and tell me it`s very common this kind of performance:) YouTube - Lulu Sabongi Belly Dance - Rhapsody In Blue (2/2) Dança do Ventre
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    Didem interview, somebody speak Turkish?

    I`d like to know what she`s talking. yovAaV4yYPc
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    Dancing in the snow, how did she stand the cold??

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    Cuban dancers with passion

    This is a video where dancers in Havana tell about their passion, the belly dancing. It is a good video, i recomend to all you to watch it!. YouTube - havana habibi preview w/subtitles
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    Turkish dancer Tanyeli on BBC

    YouTube - TURKISH DANCER "TANYELI" ON BBC An interview to Turkish dancer Tanyeli.
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    What does earthy dancer mean?

    I`ve seen in many DVD reviews and comments on youtube that X dancer have earthy moves or that is an earthy dancer. Can you tell me what is exactly an earthy dancer or can you post a video that describe an earthy dancers and those who arent earthy.
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    Belly dancer with a cowgirl costume

    YouTube - A Beautiful "Texan" performs a amazing Bellydance
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    Mesmerizing flutter!

    Sorry if this video was posted befire but i wanted to share with you; this is the most amazing flutters i`ve seen on youtube. She is an Argentine dancer who says her inspiration is Rachel Brice. YouTube - Ondulaciones - Lady Blue