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  1. nightdancer

    Checking in

    Hi all, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive. I've moved from Virginia to Alaska, for my job. For my non-US friends, thats a move of about 4800 miles. All is well, and I will be about more often. Nightdancer
  2. nightdancer

    Love this video

    XmgIoPaitqQ Simple, classy, but fun to watch KoE9xjPRnzc I know that a lot of us dont like all-wings performances (I am one), but this really is good. She's got an excellent command of the wings as well as artistry and visual appeal of the costume choice combined with the wings. It...
  3. nightdancer

    Mapping your music

    Hi all, I was wondering if you do anything special when you are learning your music. One of my fellow dancers, the lovely Ameena (a member here) showed me some handy things. I was curious what, if anything, you all do.
  4. nightdancer


    ok, I loved this. Normally I'm an "open-minded purist" but this was adorable. Please keep in mind its Halloween hafla, so there is a lot of room for fun. 19nvS1XdSpo
  5. nightdancer

    When it is time?

    To just admit to yourself that you are not as much of a dancer as you thought you were, and might want to look at hanging up your hip scarf?
  6. nightdancer

    Word translation

    Is there an Arabic word for knitting needle, or something of that variation? Thank you
  7. nightdancer


    Who is attending Rakkasah East this year? I'm already looking forward to going. :)
  8. nightdancer

    Hafla question

    Just a question for everyone, regarding their hafla performances. Do you have a narrated script for every one of them? A flow chart of who, what, and when, certainly, but as far as someone reading something to the audience? Thank you Robynne
  9. nightdancer

    Bellydance School of Richmond Halfa

    Last night, I attended their Hafla, and had such a good time. I got to see our own Anala dance (shes so darn cute) and others that I had not seen in awhile. Mother Nature cooperated, (there were doubts, early on) and the food was lovely. Debby West is always fun to watch, a brand new dancer had...
  10. nightdancer


    Hi everyone. I am in search of some costuming advice. I recently bought these They are nice costumes and I like them. However, they are a little more revealing than my better half is comfortable with, and honestly, the silver one is more than I am comfortable with. In an effort to have a...
  11. nightdancer

    Floor work video

    In searching for some of To The Earth's videos (a great tribal group here in VA) I meandered across the video; a compilation of various artists' floor work. Some of it is very good, some of it is awful. But look at minute 1:01 to 1:11. Now granted, doing three of those kind of killed the "Wow!!"...
  12. nightdancer

    Patterned body stockings

    Does anyone know where to get the bodystockings that look like you have tattoos? They are nude, but for the patterns? I saw one on one of the tribal girls and she said she got it at Hot Topic but I cant find any. Thank you
  13. nightdancer

    Queens Professor Publishes First Study of Al-Jazeera English

    In a thread I was reading last night, one of the things that came up was a request to learn more about the culture, interactions, etc. I would have posted it underneath that, but my kids' father has brought me the Kuwait Crud, and I was medicated, thus no longer remember what thread it was. That...
  14. nightdancer

    Paper for school

    Just had to share- Somehow I missed 1 PE credit that I need to graduate. I work 40 hours a week, carry 20 credits in a graduating semester, am a single parent, and dance with a group. I simply do not have time to take any more classes. I talked to the department director, and she said that I...
  15. nightdancer

    Happy birthday, Yshka

    Have a great day, Robynne
  16. nightdancer

    Looking for information

    Hello all, I am looking to help out a colleague with some information about this photograph. It is a plate photograph, placing it early 20th century. The information that she has is as follows- Maker: Unidentified Title: Dancer wearing Egyptian-look costume with wings reaching to the...
  17. nightdancer


    We've all had our heart broken, I'm sure. How do you get through it? While I am not going to bore you with all the details, I promise, lets just say that mine is very much broken, started to heal up, and last night got re-shredded. I know the old "time heals all wounds" bit, but I am looking for...
  18. nightdancer

    Thoughts on this

    What are our thoughts on this? I am wavering. I'm looking for AmCab. Thank you HAND EMB BELLY DANCE COSTUME WORLDWIDE SHIPPING USD18 - eBay (item 280197584681 end time Feb-05-08 14:00:00 PST)
  19. nightdancer

    Thoughts on song?

    I am trying to pick music for a performance on Friday. What is our thought on Mezdeke's Beledi?
  20. nightdancer

    Gentle reminder

    Good morning everyone, Over the weekend, I was at a school showing. Lots of wonderful dancers, a few things that I imagined us all sitting in the back, saying "Wow, did she really just do that...???" Dance to contemporary American pop song with zero Middle Eastern influence...A'isha, if I'd...