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    Raqas Masry(Male Egyptian dancer) from India/Mumbai

    Hi guys, I am an amateur male Bellydancer from Mumbai, India. I've been learning the art on my own for over a decade now; started with the American style of Bellydance and then moved to more Egyptian Raqs(emulating Randa Kamel, Sahar Samara, Aleya of Cairo, Leila Farid etc.) In the past year...
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    Background Music for workshop!!!

    Hi Fellow-Raqas/Raqesas, I have been learning Egyptian style of Bellydance for more than a decade now and want to conduct mini-workshops. I have everything else chalked out in my mind except for the background music(predominantly Egyptian) to be used. I would appreciate it if you guys help me...
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    Personal Megance/Record a song !!!

    Hi guys , I was wondering how do Bellydancers get their personal Megance recorded or Is there a Band somewhere that I can hire or pay to have an Arabic song lets say of Tamer Hosny or Nancy Ajram Remixed with appropriate Arabic Drum rhythms(Just like Randa Kamel , Saher Samara etc do ...they...