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  1. bomu samba

    Translation for Es2al 3alaya El Layl

    Does anyone know where I can find a translation for Es2al 3alaya El Layl? So far I've only been able to find the lyrics in Arabic and my attempts to use google translate have failed. I love the music but I want to make sure i understand it before I...
  2. bomu samba

    Ya Msafer Wahdak

    Does anyone know where I can find this lovely version of Ya Msafer Wahdak? I tried searching online but can't find it anywhere. Thanks for any help you can give!
  3. bomu samba

    Afro hairstyle for belly dance ?

    Yes, afro-with-flowers for the win! Before I got locs I'd to wear that style all the time. Remus - I don't think an afro will distract from your dance anymore than other hairstyles would. Unless you're wearing it like this :D:
  4. bomu samba

    Umm Kulthum: The Voice of Egypt

    This audio documentary on Umm Kulthum popped up on my Soundcloud feed and I thought it might interest some of you :): Umm Kulthum: The Voice of Egypt It has input from one of her biographers, Virginia Danielson, with lots of music clips too. I am only just starting to learn about Umm...
  5. bomu samba

    What style is this? Simsimia?

    I found this video by Badriyah on YouTube: Badriyah Folkloric Dance qV5hIVdiX8M I've heard of most of these dance styles before, but at 5:10 she does a dance style called "simsimia". I have never heard of it before and my google-fu has failed me. Could anyone tell me more about this dance...
  6. bomu samba

    Music for Beginners?

    I've recently realised that I need to seriously increase my Middle Eastern music library if I want to improve as a dancer. I know very little about ME music and have done a lot of my practice to Electronica*. I have bought couple of compilation CDs and our teacher is making a playlist of...
  7. bomu samba

    Hello from London

    Hi everyone, I've been on this site for a while now but realise I haven't introduced myself! I'm based in London and have been learning to dance to about 18 months I started classes in the Suhaila format when my doctor told me I need to exercise more. Yes I've got fitter, but learning to...