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    Ballet and Jazz influence?

    Hi, there! So I'm slowly starting to recognize the differences between the different styles of belly dance (mainly Turkish, Egyptian, American, and to a lesser extent Lebanese). I know that at some point the dance was influenced to one degree or another by ballet and American jazz dance. I...
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    Hosting a Hafla?

    I hope this is the right board for this's sort of dance related. I've seen a lot of people attach different meanings to the word "hafla". When I say it, I mean an informal get-together of dancers, with music, food, maybe some belly charades, and general dancing. If someone...
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    Ansuya's Online Classes

    Has anyone else subscribed to this service? A couple friends and I went in on a month to try it out, and so far, I think it's great! It feels like she's shooting for the level I'm at, which probably helps--advanced beginner/early intermediate. So far there are only two months worth of videos...
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    I've been lurking around here and finally created a profile. Up until recently, I was a perpetual beginner. I've taken lessons off and on (as finances allow) since 2005, but I've just recently managed to stay with it enough to graduate into some more advanced classes, and start to feel like...