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    TEDC at the Jewel of Yorkshire 21-22 April 2012

    Hi Everyone! My friend, mentor and teacher, Sara Farouk is coming to teach a Teach Egyptian Dance Course at the Jewel of Yorkshire this year on 21/22 April! The class was successful and very popular last year and I found that I learned so much and it really inspired me to start (and how to...
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    Feel like I'm being watched...oh wait! I am!!!

    We had an 'incident' in class night where another student brought in their 'boyfriend'. I was gobsmacked! We don't have any written rules and our class is small, but in my mind I can't see how anyone would think this is a GOOD idea. I mean, I don't bring my Husband to class! LOL Seriously...
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    Seeking hair product for long thick coarse wavy hair

    Here's the deal. I have long thick hair. It's got a natural wave such that, if I were to brush it, it would frizz up. As I prefer to encourage the curl, in the shower I leave in a bit of conditioner, use a tiny amount of styling gel, scrunch it and air dry. It can still get a little bit...
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    Addict with a capital A

    Hi ya'll! So, right....this is my first post. I'm sitting here at my desk at work and just cannot focus at all because my brain wants to think about choreography rather than reports, maps and plant identification. I've been dancing the belly groove since my first class in January 2008, but...