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  1. Nineveh

    Rosehips -inspired- overskirts

    Hi dancers, Every fusion dancer has one - exept for me. The rosehip skirts aren't made that much anymore. Some of them are for sale at, but those aren't all colours or fabrics. They're for sale at some events and workshops in the US, but i am located in Europe so that's not...
  2. Nineveh

    Short beginner drum solo

    Hi there, I am preparing my first beginner classes, and i would like to teach them a short choreo wich contains every basic they have learnt. I looked trough all my music and checked itunes, but it seems like i can't seem to find a suitable song. I was thinking about something like Very short...
  3. Nineveh

    Another new member!

    Dear dancers, My name's Marianne, but as a bellydancer, it is Nineveh. I am still very young (16 within 2 weeks!) but i've been bellydancing for 6 years now. What started as weekly classes turned out to be my number one passion. I still follow weekly classes, but i also try to be in as many...
  4. Nineveh

    Burlesque tribal fusion clothing

    Dear bellydancers, As a tribal fusion dancer, i'm creating a burlesque-style performing costume. I've already bought lots of stuff in 'regular' shops, but i was wondering if you know any shops/websites that sell fusion bra's/belts/.. that look quite burlesque. Some examples are Kathleen Crowley...