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  1. Recnadocir

    From Craigslist- Los Angeles

    Experienced belly-dance instructor with worldly acclaim, giving private lessons at the Location of Your Preference. Contemporary Dance, Egyptian Style (Rack-Sharky), Yoga- Dance etc.. A stimulating challenge that aims at a deeper knowledge of self, until one connects with the very essence of...
  2. Recnadocir

    Acting as an agent for belly dancers- how much is a reasonable %?

    Hoping the accumulated eons of experience here (and that's just A'isha, har har!), can help me out. Lately I've started to collect some dancers with some actual significant experience in belly dancing, not just the schlock I teach them. Now that I have up and running...
  3. Recnadocir

    Never upstage Salome!

    Just an observation- I like the way these teacher/certification etc. ads float up the left side of the page, then disappear under the index, and never, ever obscure in any way the image of our adorable founder. Which is as it should be! p.s. this post is in no way a random suck up ploy for...
  4. Recnadocir

    Hollywood Belly Dancers Workout!!

    Rick Heiman, Artistic Director of Hollywood Ballet and Hollywood Dance Company, will be premiering the Hollywood Dance Workout class on Friday, August 24th at 12 noon, followed by the Hollywood Belly Dancers Workout class at 1 P.M. at the exclusive Downtown Fitness Center in Los Angeles. The...
  5. Recnadocir

    Belly dancing mummies

    Hey all This Sunday the 12th, I'll be joining a couple of other belly dancers and we will be "bandaged like mummies" then belly dancing for an hour or so before the vintage double feature of Frankenstein and Curse of the Mummy, at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd. The Egyptian is a...
  6. Recnadocir

    Gothic belly dance clip from Rakkasah

    I've been corresponding with the singer in this song by The Moors, The Hunter. Hollywood Ballet will be dancing a Celtic song by The Moors, sung in Gaelic, in a modern ballet/Irish tinged style. Well, in a recent email Sharynne, the singer, told me someone had danced to The Hunter. Well, I just...
  7. Recnadocir


    Working on singing this now. Been promised the Emcee role in a Cabaret production next Spring...unfortunately this song is sung by "Sally Bowles" of course. uzpMwgk62DI
  8. Recnadocir

    Classes in San Diego County

    Here is my class schedule at the new Love to Dance studios in the beautiful Del Mar area, north of San Diego: Tuesday 9:00 am – 10:00 am Washington, DC Ballet Workout 10:00 am – 11:00 am Adult Jazz 4:30 – 5:30 pm Modern I 5:30 – 6:30 pm Modern II 6:30 – 7:30 pm Adult Modern 7:30 – 8:30 pm...
  9. Recnadocir

    Jazz/Belly dance

    Hollywood Ballet is now in the top 10 of the Famecast Competition. Our new video, posted for the top 10 voting, is a montage of 4 dances I've choreographed which contain "movement derived from belly dance";) Voting for the top 5 has started!. Top 5'ers get to go to Austin and perform live...
  10. Recnadocir

    Shopping in LA

    Just found Adam Basma's ME shop yesterday, on Pico at Crescent Hts. in west LA/Beverly Hills, thanks to a tip from the proprietor of a shop on Melrose. Didn't get to meet Adam, as he was in a meeting, but his partner was quite fun, and there is a huge volume of clothing, veils, drums, jewelry...
  11. Recnadocir

    Need a little help from my (OD dot net) friends!

    Hey y'all, Hollywood Ballet is the only dance act with any belly dance movement whatsoever in the Famecast competition, on the Dance Stage. Voting for the top 10 ends today, June 5th at 12 noon EST, and it's going to come down to a couple of votes either way. We're competing against mostly hip...
  12. Recnadocir

    Magdalen- whore or goddess?

    This falls under the category of "Dance....inspired by,the Near and Middle East." It's our new dance, called "Magdalen." I don't call it Belly Dance. It's fusion jazz dance. But there is a considerable amount of movement in it derived from my belly dance studies. These ladies, all advanced...
  13. Recnadocir

    Just because it's "choreographed" does that make it dance?

    I'm referring initially to one of the competitors in the Dance Stage at FAMECAST - Show The World Your Talent And Win, where we are engaged in a struggle to get the final spot in the top ten voting. Leaving aside the B-boys and girls and the Napoleon Dynamite-esque girl who is leading the pack...
  14. Recnadocir

    Hollywood Ballet will throw a party!

    Special to all Oriental Dancer dot net friends from Rick/Rico/Recna and that Neanderthal guy... Hollywood Ballet is in the top 25 of the Dance Stage of the Famecast competition, and needs your support! You can show us some love by taking a moment and visiting FAMECAST - Show The World Your...
  15. Recnadocir

    It doesn't get any better than this...

    I posted this clip because I'm currently (belly!) dancing to this song, around LaLa Land, not to Liza's rendition but the original Broadway cast version, sung by the incomparable Jill Haworth- quite different but I think equal, to Liza..darker and more remote. The Haworth version can be heard at...
  16. Recnadocir

    Howdy Hi There, OD dot net friends! Just a' panderin' fer votes here...we are entered in the Famecast competition, and voting has started. Would be undyingly grateful for anyone here who casts a vote our's a quick, simple and free process to register at FAMECAST - Show The World Your...
  17. Recnadocir

    Nelly Furtado shakes it

    If you liked the Shakira video...this one has tears rolling down my sore covered cheeks! (Caution- some adult content and innuendo). _UtQguSTzvg
  18. Recnadocir

    Greatest Shakira video!

    :dance: h7TXEjcAiVk
  19. Recnadocir

    Music video clip

    Music by Ben Golomstock, Katie Jane Garside and friends Dancers: Rebecca Masseth, Kathlyne Pham, and Sarah Romanowsky Choreography/FX: Rick Heiman This is my very first (and crude, I know) attempt at a music vid! 10spxVa7Lqs
  20. Recnadocir

    My first musical

    Booya- I just booked The Music Man, for the Theater Guild in the Long Beach area. Three weeks in August, I'm the choreographer. A year of firsts- beauty pageant, music video, and now a musical. Unfortunately I'll have to pretty much keep the belly dance out of the choreography, seeing as how...