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  1. DYinn Maciel

    Looking for Raqs al zaggat order patterns

    Hi! Most of the time I was only reading your posts, it's been a while since I been here, though I haven't write quite anything. I was practicing Raqs al zaggat on my own, but lately I've been doubting about if I'm playing it right. I even joined Suhaila's online school just to watch the video...
  2. DYinn Maciel

    Tabi tabi coreography

    Anyone has a great performance of this song? Is one of my favorite songs to dance, and I want to know how other people do it :D
  3. DYinn Maciel

    What's on your mind when performing?

    When I had my first show, I was horrified. The scenario was way too big, and it was the first time my parents were able to watch me dancing. So, to make it even worse, I was in the middle-front, and we were the first group to dance. So, I couldn't think of anything else, and forgot a couple of...
  4. DYinn Maciel

    Stick tutorial

    Hi, I've been searching a video tutorial to learn how to move the stick in tHE Saidi dance (Is it the name? Stick? :P) Could you help me to find one? :pray:
  5. DYinn Maciel

    Zig zag?

    When making a zig-zag which ones are the most important places and why?:think:
  6. DYinn Maciel

    Mexican dancers

    In another topic I posted a video of a "teacher", but the theme got so far from the original, that I decided to post a video here. Yes, we have VERY BAD dancers, who get paid by teaching nothing. But, we also have good dancers, here's the example. I don't need to say one from another...
  7. DYinn Maciel

    Little girls, men and fusion styles.

    Hi. This is the perfect site to discuss this, as there are many opinions and people from everywhere. I'd really like to read what's on your mind about it, as polite as posible, of course. My teacher is very different from all the bellydancers I've seen. First thing I saw, is that she has an...
  8. DYinn Maciel

    Edeny? .-.

    Hi! Last night I tried to listen carefully the lyrics of a song (In english, not my native language) , because my app didn't recognize it (It throws the result of a completely different song) I would really apreciated if someone knew it and tell me the name... Edeny (¿?) was the name of an...
  9. DYinn Maciel

    Becoming a Pro

    Hey! I've been very active since I joined, (Hours ago) But I'm really excited about this site :lol: I know many of you are pro dancers, and with "pro" I'm talking about you made it your lifestyle. Many of my partners at the dance school take it as a hobby, but I feel I can go further, the point...
  10. DYinn Maciel

    The name of this Remix?

    I've been searching for the name of this song, the music tagger (Is it the name for those programs? XD) says the name of separated songs, depending on which second I start it. For example, in the first part it says the name of the song is Roman (Remix) by M. Canan Öztürkatalay, but it's not the...
  11. DYinn Maciel

    From Mexico City

    Hi everyone, I'm DYinn and I'm glad I finally can be joining you. I hope I can learn many things here and find new friends and opinions from all around the world. :dance: