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    Hello all need a bit of help identifying name of song

    Why not just ask Mardi Love? She has a contact form on her website: If that doesn't help, you could probably check with the studio in Kentucky where the workshop was hosted:
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    Problems with lower back while dancing

    Tucking the pelvis has come under a lot of criticism more recently from posture/alignment experts. Firmly on the "no" side we have Esther Gokhale (, Katy Bowman (, and in our own dance world, the...
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    Back from a long break

    I'm laughing. That's a great sign. Thanks, everyone.
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    Anyone heard from Hadia (Jocelyn Chouinard) of Canada?

    Thank you! I'd found the spa address too, but it's not that urgent and I don't want to intrude. I hope she's all right.
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    Anyone heard from Hadia (Jocelyn Chouinard) of Canada?

    Has anyone been in touch with her recently? Is she okay? Her website is down and she isn't answering email at the address I have for her.
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    Back from a long break

    Hi! I'm back to dance after at least a decade. I never really stopped dancing in my own kitchen but after grad school, marriage, and a move, I haven't been involved with any dance classes, performances, or community of any kind. When I was last performing, bhuz was still the default community...