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    Is going pro realistic?

    Hello fellow dancers! I want to become a “world-famous professional oriental dancer”, as I would love to become known throughout the world for my performances, but I’m not sure if this goal is realistic enough. (Please assume that my dancing is good enough for the purposes of this discussion. I...
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    International Belly Dance Week

    Has anyone heard about IAMED’s “International Belly Dance Week”? It sounds just like the bellydance day that was mentioned on this forum! (I prefer to hold it in May, because that’s when my birthday is and therefore I should get lots of bellydance-related presents…:lol: ) Here’s the link...
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    Unsure about terms...

    Since there isn’t any standard naming practice for bellydance, there are a few terms that I’ve come across but I’m not sure what move they refer to. I have a feeling I already know all of these moves but under different names… I’d love it if you could please give descriptions! :D -Sohair Zaki...
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    Maya Abi Saad

    I really like the music in this video clip. The beginning of it sounds so familiar, but I don’t know what it’s called. (But maybe that’s just because I’ve watched it over and over again!) Does anyone know what song it is? Thanks! Madeline :) aFb-Uhs2baM
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    Lebanese bedlahs

    What vendors sell Lebanese or Lebanese style bedlahs? So far I’ve only seen a few costumes on eBay, and at Amera’s Palace, but no others.
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    Photo gallery won't work…

    The photo gallery is really neat, but I can’t upload anything to it! I’ve tried to upload several different files, but I always get the same error. How can I upload my photos? :(
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    My bellbottom costume!

    Here’s a photo of me in my favorite costume! It’s made by L. Rose Designs. What do you think of it? :dance: :D :dance: L. Rose Designs - Photo Enlargement
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    Warm up

    How long do you warm up before dancing? Do you do it before performing? Do you do the same routine every time? What do you do in your warm up?
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    Nail care?

    Hello everyone! :) How well do these work? Madeline
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    More song lyrics?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone happen to know what the lyrics mean in the song “Lateifeh” by Sammy Clark? Thanks! Madeline
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    Lebanese song lyrics?

    Hello everyone! :D Does anyone know what the lyrics mean in “Oumi Ta Ner2oss” by Sammy Clark? Thanks! Madeline Here are some of the lyrics (any help would be greatly appreciated!): oumi ta nor2os ya sabiyeh w chbeki idayki bi idayi w khalina l 3aboukra nir2ous w nghane ya sabiyeh
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    Should a dancer’s hair always be worn loose, or is it acceptable to have it pulled back in some sort of hairstyle?