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    Afro hairstyle for belly dance ?

    Do you think this might work? Generally this is not a haircut that's associated with belly dance. I guess it would be distracting and people would focus on the hair, and not on the dance. But I think if the hairstyle is not too big it's not quite a problem. What are your thoughts on this ?
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    Have you ever had your belly kissed?

    One dancer told me that while she was at a wedding to perform, a little boy got close to her and unexpectedly gaved her a kiss on the belly. She and the boy's mom had a a little laugh. I think it's kinda sweet to have your belly kissed. To me it seems like a form of apreciation of the dancer's...
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    Is Yoga good for belly dancing?

    I was wondering if the yoga exercises help the belly dance movements, or if some drills or isolations are done better if someone takes yoga classes?
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    My improvised costume

    I'm guessing this is what a male tribal belly dance costume looks like. Tell me what you think Belly Dance Forums - Remus's Album: My pics - Picture
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    Do you put glitter on your bellies when you dance?

    I saw this video with the lovely dancers and I like their glitters on the middrifs. Do you use it, too ? glitter Gypsies bellydance fusion at Bellydance kaleidoscope - YouTube
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    How to gain more weight ?

    I am a 21 year old guy. A few years ago, I used to have 227 pounds and in a year I managed to loose weight with exercise and without any real diet. Ever since I weight 163 pounds. Recently I decided that I want to have my previous weight back, since I think it would be fun to belly dance with a...
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    Photo of my coin belt

    Hi, Yesterday I took a picture of coin belt and I want you to know what do you think. It still needs some work though
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    Is it gay for a male belly dancer to have Belly Button piercing ?

    I'm asking you because I'm planning to get one on my navel. I saw some male dancers that have it. So please, share your opinions on this. I'm still going to have it anyway, but I want to know from the girls if they think it's gay for a man
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    Is a Choli a good Idea For a Male Dancer

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a choli. Is that practical for a male dancer ? I want to cover my nipples, but I also want my belly to be exposed. So I want to know if men wear this
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    A Question about Navel Jewels

    I want to have a belly button piercing. But I'm not sure. Do you think I should do it? Or instead, should I just put a large jewel glued into my navel ? I'm waiting for some advices, please
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    Belly kisses

    Were you ever kissed on the belly by someone while you were dancing, or while wearing your costume? I was at my friend's house belly dancing to her and at some point she just kissed my tummy. :p She is a very good friend, like a sister to me. Did you experienced this before?
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    Transexual Belly Dancers

    YouTube - T-girls Sushmita, Sue, and Adrina They have good moves. You don't see something like this everyday.
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    Do male belly dancers use glitter on their bellies?

    I was wondering if guys do that. I saw a couple videos on youtube and some dancers had glitter rubbed on their abs. Being gay, I want to do this. I want to know what you think. This is the video I saw YouTube - TURKISH MALE BELLY DANCER DiVA
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    I'm looking for some seductive songs

    Tommorrow night, I plan to dance to my boyfriend and I want to find some seductive songs to ''knock him down'' with my moves. Can you help me?
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    Bra for men, need help

    Ok, so I want to make a belly dancing bra. My boyfriend brought me a normal bra to wear when I dance to him, but I want to make a real belly dancing bra. So can anyone give me some help?
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    I just realised I am Gay and I want to belly dance