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  1. slinks

    Dubai in pictures part 2 !!

    and there is more !! unbelievable !! Lydia please let us know if this is true !! fist pic All of this was built in the last 5 years, including that island that looks like a palm tree. The Palm Islands in Dubai. New Dutch dredging technology was used to create these massive man made islands...
  2. slinks

    Dubai in pictures !!

    Hi every-one, just got these picture in my e-mail and thought of Lydia :D I wouldn't know how true it is, bet she'll be able to tell us .. I've been rather ill with ear problems and have given up dancing for the time being BUT I'm happy so I'm not worried, when I'm well again I'll return to it...
  3. slinks

    teenagers, sex and parents !!

    I am scared silly .. close to tears actually !! I remember being a teen myself and boy was I a bad girl .. Sex is a natural thing from the age of 15 and up, how does one cope when one knows it's on the verge of happening .. my son is 15, has a girlfriend and has basically said in "body language"...
  4. slinks

    When bellydance is NOT bellydance

    I recieved my copy of Sharif Productions Gala Dance volume 9 dvd .. and was shocked by the contents !! most, not all, I'll admit was terrible, now if I knew I was watching a ballet show or hip hop fusion I would have been okay with it. This was just the worse performance dvd I have seen (lol...
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    Sara has one post to go for VIP

    come on Sara woo hoo way to go :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance: V.I.P Sara that's your medal
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    Slinks DVD reviews

    I got to thinking that I would write out reviews to some of my DVDs .. I have enough of them .. What you read is my sincere opinion and I've decided I will only review the ones I like and use .. ;) :D
  7. slinks

    slinks is a V.I.P yay

    I've just had my 1,000 post lol
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    I know most of us like to do a bit of yoga to maintain flexability and I posted this link in a meet and greet thread but thought I'd post it here as I know a lot of us don't scan those pages .. This dvd is a yoga and pilates dvd with a differance !! I have several of both but get quite bored...
  9. slinks

    Anatoliy question

    As you have probably noticed I've been trying to find dance scenes from shows and movies on youtube, I'm not a member of youtube but I know you can upload your own stuff, if you are. If I started up an account and uploaded the dance scenes I have, from my library, how legal is this .. Do the...
  10. slinks

    shows or movies with bellydancing

    I thought it would be fun to track down the shows that danfandes has metioned, that have belly dancing in them ... I am doing this for the pleasure of my forum pals and myself, go ahead and enjoy.. :think: anyone can join in Quote, lol Late last night and the night before, Bellydancers...
  11. slinks

    NON bellydance clip

    this clip is of all the dancing singing stars spliced into one clip and I think it's a JOY to watch !!! Wbf_Vt80nIs
  12. slinks

    Faces of unknown celebs :-)

    Matthew Broderick
  13. slinks

    Name the movie game

    New game: all we do is name an actress or actor and the next person names a movie they have seen with them in it ... I'll start Samual L Jackson
  14. slinks

    Good looking snakes... be very afraid lol

    As promised I searched the net for some really nice lookers ..if I had a scanner I could scan some even better pics, the books tend to have the nicer photos because care is taken to produce a book. Sometimes searching for just the right pic can take hours but we'll make do with some that I found...
  15. slinks

    Male dancer as boyfriend

    Okay weird title.... In the old forum we had a "will I get girlie hips" thread or some thing like that.... anyway there was a girl dancer who posted a picture of her ex boyfriend... are you still around ??? I just wanted to say that I think I recodnise him, is he a dancer off the 5th Annual...
  16. slinks

    Calling Maria

    :-D lol... any chance of finding that tennis game and relocating back into games...