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  1. Suhad

    Super Oriental

    I bought this DVD, it's Turkish dancers from maybe the late 80's - early 90's? WHAT is up with the costumes???? Or lack of them, I should say??? BTW, although my DVD is defective and they are kindly sending me a replacement one (it breaks up into those digital squares and freezes about...
  2. Suhad

    Tarik in California?

    On the forum previous to the loss of the topics, there was a brief discussion between Zorba and Tarik about the possibility of getting Mr. Sultan to CA for a workshop/symposium weekend. I would very much like to know if this is still a possibility, and if Mr. Zorba would be so kind as to let...
  3. Suhad

    Mona and Amani vid

    Mona al Said video or DVD that features Amani of Lebanon...volume one I think? If anyone has one they are willing to part with, let me know!
  4. Suhad

    Lengthening a dress?

    I bought a green stretch velvet dress at the thrift store some time ago with the idea of turning it into a costume. Problem is, when I bought it I didn't realize that the fact that it isn't ankle length might be a problem! So, two questions: -Do you think it will be OK that it ends about 3...
  5. Suhad

    Is this normal?

    I have been dancing at a ME restaurant about 80 miles from my house periodically for the last year and a half or so. The contract (verbal, not written), no matter who has been the agent booking the dancer, says that it is for 2 15 minute shows, pay is $50 for the night ($25 per set). It's not...
  6. Suhad

    Ahmed Adaweya

    Ok, I am desperate. I am trying to find this song by Adawaya/Adaweya/Adawea/any other spelling you can think of.... He is a Shaabi artist from the 80's that hails from Egypt; he is the singer of El Bint El Sultan, among others. The song I am looking for I don't know the name of but the...
  7. Suhad

    Balegh Hamdi El Hob Koulou

    I'm looking for different versions of this song. Mr. Hamdi wrote this song for Oum Kalthoum in the late 60's/early 70's. For some reason this just must not be a popular song, because the only version of it I can find is on the CD Amany and the Badawist. Does anyone know where I can get a...
  8. Suhad

    Finally, a Britney Spears song I can listen to without tearing my hair!

    This is so wrong on so many levels that I think it actually makes it almost right! :clap: The guys dressed like the girls with the flame fingers are the best part. And I think it's the only version of this song I might actually want to listen to! :lol: Nd_gvR06j6s
  9. Suhad

    Learning Arabic

    OK, I know I am making this probably harder on myself than it needs to be...I am learning the Egyptian dialect of Arabic, because I have read in several places that when visiting Egypt it is easier to get around moneywise. So -- when I have questions I try to look it up on the internet. Bad...
  10. Suhad

    How long did it take for you nurses?

    Hi all. Well, I bit the bullet and applied at three different hospitals for jobs I am interested in doing -- ER at two facilities, and tele at another. Although I'm a new grad nurse, I'm a 12 year paramedic with critical care flight in my background and nurses I've spoken with, as well as...
  11. Suhad

    Nassam Alayna El Hawa?

    I heard this song and I CAN'T get it out of my head!!! I looked up the lyrics translation and I love it even more -- is it appropriate to dance to?
  12. Suhad

    Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day!! When I was a little one, we planted a tree and cleaned up garbage as a school project on Earth day. Now, we try to make every day earth day, buying 'green' as much as possible. How have you all celebrated, if any way?
  13. Suhad

    Video/DVD recommendations

    I was wondering what your recommendations would be, if you had to make them, for videos that portray ME dancing that one would identify as "authentic". I recently did a private party, and although I made good money, I really felt like I did the dance a disservice due to my crappy performance...
  14. Suhad

    Tomorrow is my big day!

    Tomorrow I take the NCLEX test -- that's the national test that allows me to be licensed as a nurse (if I pass, that is :shok: ) Been studying like mad for the last month, been taking an online review course, been taking tests if I'm not ready now, I never will be! Good thoughts...
  15. Suhad

    Men Idak Di Lyrics? (by Hakim)

    It's from the BDSS Volume 1; I found a site that said it meant "Whose hand is this?" but I'd like to know more if anyone can help. Thanks!
  16. Suhad

    Husband Swap...

    Hubby suggests a new reality show...swap a "bellydance husband" (i. e. those who support the habit completely including being a "bellydance tender' as he calls it-- carrying stuff etc) with a non-bellydance husband. Hmmm....sounds like it would definitely be good for a TV show -- it could come...
  17. Suhad

    Haidia's Ultimate dvd set?

    Hadia's Ultimate dvd set? Any reviews on this? I read the hype on the website (sorry if I offend by saying that, I don't mean to disparage) but I hesitate to spend that kind of money if it's not worth the price...please feel free to PM me if you don't want to post publicly. Thanks!
  18. Suhad

    A site for those who want to play the music, too - Learn Middle Eastern Music It's a site where you can, for a small fee, download sheet music, get a rhythm cheat sheet, listen to songs in order to learn them, and get the lyrics (not translated tho). I can't wait to learn to play some of this stuff on my guitar, it's been sitting...
  19. Suhad

    OK, this has passed from a someday fantasy to reality....yikes!!!

    I made business cards (with LOTS of help from dear hubby) several months ago, put a few up in local businesses but not expecting to ever actually GET a call. I have just booked my first official gig, a surprise birthday bellygram for the visiting brother of one of our local hairdressers...
  20. Suhad

    Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful Arms?

    How does one develop them? It seems to be the one thing I really need to work on...I do drills, I concentrate on keeping lifted and graceful and as soon as my attention wavers there go the arms. I have been drilling with veil a lot lately since it seemed to help the Egyptian dancers; I got a...