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    Dealing with ailing parents

    So, I basically just need to talk this out. My dad, according to the docs, probably has until the summer left to live. He was first diagnosed early 2001 with bladder cancer and ever since then he has just never gotten passed it. In Jan 2004 I got the flu which he then caught and then since...
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    Flattering costumes?!

    So I found this article on ebay How to Buy Flattering Belly Dancing Clothes. It seems like the person who wrote this doesn't really actually know about flattering costumes.
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    Troupe photos!

    Hi everyone!! My lovely troupe of 3 is having a photoshoot soon and I was looking for some inspiration! The photog is new (he's my boyfriend's brother in law and they're starting up a new business so I found a perfect opportunity to help each other out) so I would like to show him some photos...
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    Folk dance suitable for children?

    Hello folks! My boyfriend is a music teacher of grades 1-3 (basically ages 6-9) and he has heard my whine about how under-represented Arabic music is at the elementary level (I used to work in an elementary school and whined a lot). Every year he does a show with his first graders about music...
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    I've been searching high and low for the lyrics to Sahirrnee by George Abdo. Anyone know them? Thanks!!
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    Paillette dress

    Hi everyone, I am on what seems to be a never ending search for a paillette dress. I want this, but in a larger size. I need something that will fit across my chest (I'm about a DDD) and my wide hips. There are a few in a different color that would fit me, but I want the black. The rest of my...
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    Long time lurker....

    Finally signed up after the change. I'm from Western Massachusetts, been dancing for probably close to 5 years altogether, but slightly broken up. I've recently joined a troupe which has made me want to work even harder which is an awesome feeling. I have to say that this forum, although I...