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    Male Tribal Fusion Troupe

    Thought you guys might like this:
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    I've enjoyed the Swapmeet over on Bhuz for years, but with the recent changes there, it has lost most of its appeal. I think this is an opportunity for OD to fill the gap. I haven't used the Marketplace here very much, but if it can be a place where dancers sell directly to one another without...
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    Email notifications question

    How do I turn off the email notifications that alert me when someone has replied to a thread where I posted? I don't really want to get these. Thanks.
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    Hello again

    Hi, I haven't posted on here in a very long time, I often lurk, though. I'm a long-time dancer/teacher/musician who is pretty active in my town and region (Oregon/Pacific Northwest). My website is Americanistan, Belly Dance Music So, hello again!
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    Raven & Americanistan

    lEqBt9a2yDs Short clip of Raven, from Newport, Oregon, with live music by Americanistan. I, Dunyah, am drumming, my husband, WayneOmar, is chanting, and our friend John is playing the flute. Our musical style is original, inspired by the Middle East but we have our own take on it. Raven has...