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    Belly Dance Weight Loss Blog

    I've been thinking of starting a belly dance weight loss blog, mainly to motivate myself and help other people. I have an 'average' body (possibly like a lot of belly dancers/prospective belly dancers), so my results won't be too dramatic, but they may be relatable. Basically, I would like to...
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    Respect Please!

    How do we as a community elevate the art of belly dance? I'm SO tired of some of us being compared to strippers, and/or not as talented as those from other dance forms. How do we prove to the world we are above the stigma?
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    Fusion Dancers/Instructors in Milwaukee

    Hello, I'm looking for fusion dancers in the Milwaukee, WI area to dance with. If you are one, let me know!
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    Belly Dance Team Building

    Does anyone have suggestions for 'team building exercises' for a belly dance group? Thanks!
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    Help Us Name Our Event!

    Hello, We will be hosting our first 'large' belly dance event at UW Milwaukee and could use some help choosing a name! We may be hosting an ATS dancer, Egyptain dancer, fusion dancer, and East Coast Tribal dancer. The event may also be free. Any thoughts? Thanks! Jessica
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    The Tumultuous Switch from ATS to TF

    How, oh how do you do it? My inspirations are RB, Zoe and Kami. Basically all the obvious ones :) I have their videos, have taken their workshops, but that is not enough. I am so used to ATS (which I still love) my body has been accustomed to those one-sided movements, and my mind is used...
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    What would your dream belly dance event be?

    Hey all, this is my first post in the forum. Don't worry though, I've been visiting it for years for advice :) I started a belly dance student organization at my university in Milwaukee, WI. Every semester we are given grant money for events, and it can be quite alot if we do it right. So...