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  1. belly taz

    hi everyone

    hi i have been away from this site for about 2 years but im back i have just dropped by to say hi..its so nice to see some familar name still here
  2. belly taz

    gothla 2008

    hi girls is anyone going to this event...if so maybe we could arange a meet up:)
  3. belly taz

    Anatoliy happy b'day

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear anatoliy ,happy birthday to you ......have a fantastic day:dance:
  4. belly taz

    Leila Nara happy b'day

  5. belly taz

    belly dancing congress uk 2007

    hi girls ....who is going ?i need to share acomodation if anyone one has any spare places left..please PM me.:confused:
  6. belly taz


  7. belly taz

    happy birthday Donya

  8. belly taz

    happy birthday Mayte

  9. belly taz

    happy b'day cherrybaby

    have a great day......:dance:
  10. belly taz

    happy b'day Maria Aya

    happy birthday.....have a great day and many more:D :dance:
  11. belly taz

    happy birthday Venefica

    happy birthday have a great day:D :dance:
  12. belly taz

    how long does it take to get to class

    i was just woundering how far,or how long it takes it to get to classes or your class is about a 15min drive away, so not to far:)
  13. belly taz

    happy birthday Jalil

    happy birthday jalil have a great fun packed day.....:dance:
  14. belly taz

    happy birthday Scimitar_moon

  15. belly taz

    Happy Birthday xdomix!

  16. belly taz

    Happy New Year!

  17. belly taz

    happy Eid

    eid greetings to all of my fellow dancers:dance:
  18. belly taz

    Happy Birthday Anatoliy

    Happy Birthday Anatoliy! Have a great day!
  19. belly taz

    happy birthday Kiraze

    happy bithday Kiraze... have a fab day:) :) :)
  20. belly taz

    happy birthday nabila

    happy birthday nabila nawar have a great day......:)