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    Where can I find this song!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find the tet stylized version of “Aminti billah” (studio version) by Mohsen Allaam? If anyone knows which version I’m talking about? It appears in Ranya Renée’s “Belly Dance Egyptian Style: The Baladi” (disc 2). If that helps. If somebody has it...
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    Orientale and Music Suggestions🎶

    Hello everyone! This is kind of a combined topic, but where can I read more about what is called the “orientale” style (its characteristics, development, etc) and do you have any music suggestions for this particular style? I need to create an orientale playlist🎶😅 Thank you in advance!🙏
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    Help identifying a tabla solo!

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, perhaps I will write an official introduction soon😊 I wonder if anyone could help me identify a tabla solo for me through mere description?😅 I would be very grateful for a link on Spotify or YouTube. It’s a bit fusion-y piece in the sambuka sense. It has a bit...