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  1. Marissa-Julia

    My Very First Performance!

    I DID IT! I DID IT! All the dancers in the show unanimously decided I had the worst case of stage fright ever, but I did it! I messed up...A LOT, but...I DID IT! :D I have a long way to go, but I've come far in a year. I will cherish this experience forever! <3 Here's the video from the...
  2. Marissa-Julia

    Je'bon Fun!

    Wednesday nights at Je'bon Noodle House on St. Mark's in Manhattan are filled with cheering and clapping and, of course, zaghareets for the beautiful belly dancers who get to perform! Last night was Ranya Renee's Arabic night, which I've actually attended a few times before. The dancers are...
  3. Marissa-Julia

    Heavy feet

    Coming from a western dance background I tend to wanna stay on my toes. It's been a little difficult transitioning my weight towards my heels. Sometimes I even feel like I'll fall over, which makes some of my movements a little stiff in fear of losing my balance. In class I'm okay because I have...
  4. Marissa-Julia

    "I danced myself right out the womb..."

    My name is Marissa-Julia and "I danced myself right out the womb." ;) It's one of my greatest passions and I think I'll be 105 and still wiggling around to every song I hear. I've danced ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, some hip hop, and some ballroom. I competed for many years, too. But it...