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  1. Greek Bonfire

    Pandemic Joint Pain

    Well here's something interesting. I was dancing and practicing much less since the 2020 shutdown which, during that time, I started feeling a lot more joint and muscle pain. I thought I was just "getting older" until the last few months, when I started getting more gigs and performing online, I...
  2. Greek Bonfire

    Old School Versus New School

    I've been watching quite a few shows online due to the pandemic, and I get opportunities to see a lot of dancers I never saw before from all over the world, which is a wonderful opportunity. I've seen all styles, both vintage and modern, and I've noticed that on the more vintage, old school...
  3. Greek Bonfire

    Dancing on Doumbeks

    I love to watch dancers dance on doumbeks. I was also planning on performing dancing on one when I was told that dancing on drums is disrespectful to drummers. Has anyone else heard this?
  4. Greek Bonfire

    Black and Silver Bedlah, Multi-Tiered Skirt

    $110. Black and silver bedlah. Fits B to D cups (padding works very nicely). It is set for 34B but can easily be altered to fit larger sizes. Belt is set for 34 upper hip, 36 inch lower hip and have ability to be adjusted to a size 40 hip. Doesn't include shipping.
  5. Greek Bonfire

    Vintage Red and Black Bedlah and Skirt

    $110. Bra size 34B, Upper hip size 34, lower hip size 36. Also included is a head piece that goes across the forehead and a bracelet, all made of the same material, long and short fringe. I have been told this bedlah was originally owned by Ozel Turkbas. The durability is spectacular, very...
  6. Greek Bonfire

    Hipalicious by Jillina

    Does anyone know how I can download Hipalicious on iTunes? The name is not coming up and I was wondering if it's listed under a different name. I need it for an upcoming private party. Thanks.
  7. Greek Bonfire

    Sibling Rivalry: Bellydance and Burlesque

    Here we go again. Personally, I would like to ask this dancer what in the world is she thinking and please stop putting these two topics in the same category.
  8. Greek Bonfire

    Good to be back!

    I've been away for awhile (busy with work and just life in general) but I hope to be able to spend more time here again. Just wanted to check in! :dance:
  9. Greek Bonfire

    Self-Adhesive False Eyelashes

    I'm going to finally give in and try wearing false eyelashes. I bought a pair that is self-adhesive. Has anyone else had success with them? Do they stick really well? Up to this point I've been wearing maybe 3-4 layers of mascara but even with that, false eyelashes are so beautiful and LONG...
  10. Greek Bonfire

    Hello, it's been ages

    Since I've been on here, and I'm behind on so much. This forum design is gorgeous. I hope everyone is doing okay.
  11. Greek Bonfire

    Business Etiquette in Hiring a Photographer

    I hope I'm posting in the right topic. About a month ago I talked to a local photographer about doing a photoshoot via e-mail on Facebook. She responded a little later on telling me her prices, asking about my availability, etc. I told her that I am not available on weekends as I have heavy...
  12. Greek Bonfire

    Stage Name Mystique

    Stage names: many of us have them. Most dancers take on Arabic names while others take on Gypsy, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, etc. What do you say to people when they ask you if you really are that nationality? You want to keep the mystique without downright lying, so how do you answer?
  13. Greek Bonfire

    Halloween Themes for Parties

    I know a lot of dancers will wear their bellydance costumes to Halloween parties and appear as "bellydancers." I don't because I am a bellydancer, and I always thought the idea was to go as something that you are not. What do you think of this?
  14. Greek Bonfire

    Couscous from Sacramento - Bellydancing Cat!

    Courtesy of Shira on Facebook - Couscous updated her website! Love this! BWDR7Tgjqes
  15. Greek Bonfire

    My New Video

    Okay, I am biting the bullet and am posting my latest performance. At the beginning, the music is a little garbled but after a few seconds it straightens out. Enjoy! (I hope :shok:) cFMa_Ynd32I
  16. Greek Bonfire

    Show Your Nikki J

    Anybody have a caricature of his/herself by the artist NikkiJ? If you do, show them! Here's mine?
  17. Greek Bonfire

    Nour and Barrel Turns

    This is about barrel turns and the arms that go with it. In this clip, Nour, who is an awesome dancer, does barrel turns around 3:55. She uses arms that are bent, not straight out, which I was taught to do. In fact, in many of her moves, her arms are closer to her body than what I normally...
  18. Greek Bonfire

    I have finally arrived

    In the spam bellydance instructor department, that is. Here's what I found in my personal e-mail, although how they got my address outside of the U.S. is interesting: My Name is Anderson.sharry i am from London we will be coming forBELLY DANCE lesson class training in your center for 31days...
  19. Greek Bonfire

    Cleaning Coin Bedlah

    I took out my coin bra and noticed that it could use some polishing. Does anybody know what I should use for this? I thought maybe that old remedy toothpaste would work, but I am hoping for a better solution. Thanks.
  20. Greek Bonfire

    Bhuz Login Problems -Spin Off From Meet & Greet Bhuz Down Thread

    Is something going on with Bhuz again? I can't get on it at all today.