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  1. Ariadne


    How is everyone? What is the news where you are? I haven't been online for the last two weeks because I've been ill with something else so I've already self isolated physically as well, but I can't help worry about the rest of you. News wise locally we're working on preparations for...
  2. Ariadne

    Urban Gypsy Folkloric?

    So I was on Amazon and I stumbled across an instructional DVD called "Urban Gypsy Folkloric Combinations Belly Dance" by Sahira And with a search I also found her website...
  3. Ariadne

    Mongolian Traditional Dance Battle

    I stumbled on this and really enjoyed seeing the combination of movement and music, so I thought I would share.
  4. Ariadne


    How do you deal with it when someone you care about passes? Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. Ariadne

    Teaching a Sewing Class

    So I'm starting a sewing class this month for three 15 year olds and a 19 year old (and anyone else who wanders in). I spent the first lesson just getting them to understand how clothes are constructed, how the seams work and how curved shapes are fitted to the body to look like straight lines...
  6. Ariadne

    2017 Advent Calendar

    It's been a few years since we've had one and we no longer have enough active people to fill every day but I thought perhaps a thread where anyone can post a video or thought for the season wouldn't be amiss. I thought I would start with a video of Cassandra we've seen before...
  7. Ariadne

    Welcome to April 1st!

    And more importantly the various pranks that comes with the day. I spotted my first one as soon as I came online. Google Gnome And in a facebook post from the Russian Foreign Ministry. (I found this while reading the news.) Agency's New Switch...
  8. Ariadne

    30-day Posture Makeover by Michelle Joyce

    I ran across this video on Amazon because I have Michelle's videos in my wish list and I thought, I could use that... So I bought it. I have been using it now for five days and the difference it is making to my posture is immense. I have had back issues for my entire life and for the first...
  9. Ariadne

    Sewing & Crafts: Projects

    A number of us make our own BD costumes etc but the forum members talents don't end there! No indeed. There are other crafts and sewing projects to be found in our midst. On this thread we can; share ongoing projects seek advice from other members. (and/or) show off a little. Share...
  10. Ariadne

    Teaching & Music

    A few years ago someone on here (I couldn't find the old thread) ranted about teachers using non-middle-eastern music to teach their students and how they were doing them a disservice. I found it an interesting conversation at the time but now I just want to say, I get it. As you know I just...
  11. Ariadne

    What have I missed?

    Alright, so I keep wondering and now I'm going to ask. I have been out of touch with the BD scene for a good three or so years (thanks to health issues). So what have I missed? Who are the major performers now? Who is doing the teaching workshop circuit? What is new in each of the styles...
  12. Ariadne

    For the other Geeks here

    I just wanted to drop a plug for a supers novel book series available on amazon. Books by Marion G. Harmon Book 4 of "Wearing the Cape" was published today and I'm just slightly hyped! So if any of the other geeks here are interested please check it out. If anyone does read them I would...
  13. Ariadne

    Hi Everyone!

    Well it's been about a year now. I dropped in once or twice but I haven't really done much in the way of BD other then picking up some DVD's which I then haven't used... :whistle: ...So I thought I would introduce myself again. Hi, I'm Ariadne (or Ariadne Eleni on other forums). My hobbies...
  14. Ariadne

    Posture Posey and the Slumpyback Goblins

    Posture Posey and the Slumpyback Goblins is a childrens book kickstarter by Michelle Joyce about proper posture. It has already made it's pledge goal but I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it in case anyone was interested...
  15. Ariadne

    Apologies and a prayer?

    I've been kinda irritable the last few months and I want to apologize to anyone I've snapped at because of it (especially Yame). It's one of the reasons I haven't been posting much lately, I don't want to bleed on on the board if you know what I mean. I don't know when I may start posting...
  16. Ariadne

    Laura Mvula

    Completely off topic but I've just discovered this singer. I was blown away. I love her style of music and she's gorgeous to boot!
  17. Ariadne

    Boston Marathon

    Since no one has mentioned it. Here's a Quick Recap of What You Need to Know About the Boston Bombings Today | My prayers are with them.
  18. Ariadne

    Costumes and Body Image

    "Are Fashion Models Really Eating This to Stay Thin?". *shivers*
  19. Ariadne

    What Is Bellydance?

    (Re-post from 11/15/12) I got this in my e-mail today. What is Belly Dance? Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the mid-East. Probably the greatest misconception about belly dancing is that it is intended...
  20. Ariadne

    ITS classes to learn zills?

    As many of you already know I'm personally interested in Turkish style. The problem is my original teacher has moved and the new teacher I've found to take privates from when I have the funds doesn't know zills. In fact the only one I've found that teaches zills is an ITS teacher who...