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  1. Roshanna

    Use of breath in bellydance

    Any thoughts on this, or good resources? I've found over the years that teachers will often remind students to breathe, and sometimes even include some breathing exercises at the beginning of classes or teach lateral thoracic breathing (i.e. breathing into the whole ribcage) whilst...
  2. Roshanna

    Workshop wishlist

    I'm in the process of putting together a list of topics for workshops and talks/lectures that I might teach in the future, and so I wondered, what topics would be on your wishlist for your perfect bellydance learning opportunity? What subjects do you wish there were more workshops on? What...
  3. Roshanna

    Is this how it ends?

    So, is this how it ends? Not with a bang, but with word games? Have we hardy few remaining forum users run out of anything dance-related to talk about? Are there just too few of us here now to have good discussions and debates like the old days? :think: Meanwhile over on Bhuz, first there was a...
  4. Roshanna

    New article on Muwashshahat

    I've finally finished writing an article that I've been working on for ages about muwashshahat, which was inspired by a Bhuz thread on the subject. I wanted to address some of the common confusions and misconceptions about muwashshahat in the bellydance world. The article covers what muwashahat...
  5. Roshanna

    Anyone coming to JWAAD Summer School?

    Just thought I'd see if any of you lovely people are going to be at the JWAAD Summer School in the UK next month? I'm going to be there for the full week, and if you're coming you'll definitely meet me because I'm one of the 'Angels', so I'll be meeting and greeting all the arrivals :)
  6. Roshanna

    What do we mean when we say 'modern' bellydance?

    I've been thinking about this on a few occasions lately, what with the whole 'cultural appropriation' debate and stuff. When we describe dance as 'modern' or 'traditional', what do we actually mean? And what does it say about how we see the dance and its cultures of origin? I wrote a blog post...
  7. Roshanna

    Urgent - campaign to end sexual harassment in Egypt. 1 day to go!

    Hi all, I'd just like to let you know about this campaign to prevent sexual harassment in Egypt. HarassMap - donate & help end sexual harassment in Egypt | Indiegogo As you're probably aware, sexual harassment and assault are serious problems facing women in Egypt. I think that this group is...
  8. Roshanna

    Bellydance & Ballet - new blog post

    Since this is a topic that keeps coming up, and a comparison that gets made over and over again in discussions on all aspects of bellydance, I decided to write a series of blog posts on the relationship between bellydance and ballet, exploring whether this comparison is ever valid or useful...
  9. Roshanna

    Introverted performers

    Hello :) I thought some of you might be interested to read my new blog post, about introverted performers. I think that a lot of performers are actually quite shy or introverted, but this doesn't show in our stage personas. And since our outgoing side doesn't necessarily show in 'normal' life...
  10. Roshanna

    Our relationshiops with music - new blog post!

    I've just finished writing a new blog post about our relationships with music, and how Western dancers can relate emotionally to Arabic music compared to the music that we grew up with. I hope that you find it interesting :) In Love With Music | Bellydance by Rasha Nour
  11. Roshanna

    New blog series - stealth practise ;)

    I'm writing series of blog posts on ways to make bellydnce practise a habitul part of your daily life. The first one is about ways to practise during public transport journeys: Stealth Bellydance Practise – Part 1: Public Transport | Bellydance by Rasha Nour Do you practise in any unusual...
  12. Roshanna

    New blog post - how dance has changed my life :)

    I've just started a new bellydance blog, and I thought you might enjoy my first post, on how dance has changed my life for the better... Dance: my journey so far | Rasha Nour I'm hoping to update the blog regularly, as an outlet for my dance nerdery :D
  13. Roshanna

    Changing username?

    Hello, Maybe I'm just being dim, but I can't find a way to request to change my username. I'd like to change it from 'SnakeLady' to 'Roshanna' please :)
  14. Roshanna

    Professional dancers' fitness regimes?

    I've recently been told that in order to improve my dance technique, I need to do more exercise, so that I can move with more power and control. I'm actually reasonably fit by everyday standards (cycle to work every day, at least an hour of dance most days, lots of walking, and regular-ish yoga...
  15. Roshanna

    Workshops with Ozgen in Oxford, UK this December (& hafla!)

    Hello Dancers, Oxford Middle Eastern Dance Society are very excited indeed to announce that we'll be hosting an afternoon of workshops with the talented and lovely Ozgen on the 3rd of December!
  16. Roshanna

    Spring Hafla in Oxford UK, May 7th

    Hi All, A little info about our upcoming hafla in Oxford! With 3 weeks to go, all performance slots are already filled, and we've got a really interesting programme this time. You can see some photos from our last hafla here OMEDS: Oxford Middle Eastern Dance Society | Facebook Oxford Middle...
  17. Roshanna

    Outi in Oxford, UK this March!

    Oxord Middle Eastern Dance Society are very excited indeed to be hosting Outi for a series of workshops on Sunday the 27th of March. Outi is an experienced performer and instructor currently based in Cairo - her workshops have received lots of excellent feedback from dancers around the world...
  18. Roshanna

    Hello all :)

    Hi, I've been dancing for a while, but only just found this forum. To introduce myself a bit, I'm a final-year university student in Oxford, UK, and I decided to learn to bellydance the summer before last. To start off, I was really shy and awkward and found lessons quite daunting, but I've kept...