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  1. Meera

    Persian Dance

    Sorry if this was posted before but I tried to search and nothing came up. But I've recently become interested in Persian syle dance. Some people say this is Bellydance but others say its not? My Iranian freidns tell me there is a such thing as "Persian" bellydance. I been trying to look it up...
  2. Meera

    Mayte Garcia

    Mayte Garcia has teaching videos on exercise tv whcich is on Fios's or comcast's on demand. I havent tried her out yet but I was wondering if she is any good or not?
  3. Meera

    Hi Im Meera

    Hello Everyone Im Meera orginally from India now living in philadelphia as a student. I'm trained in two Indian dance forms one is bharatanatyam and Khatak. I just recently started Bellydance and I really liked it. :) I like Turkish style & Egyptian style bellydance. I think this forum is awesome :D