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  1. SpadeDancer

    Performance emergency!!!

    I am on edge right now... I took a bit of a hiatus from dancing due to financial and family related reasons... Now, I have an improv performance on the 20th, but I have dancer's block!!! I can't find my mojo!! I think it's my music, but I'm not sure... I just don't feel it. I don't feel the...
  2. SpadeDancer

    Those..... skirts

    Does anyone know what those skirts are called... ya know, the ratty-tattered, gypsy-esque, steam punkish, street kid type skirts.... Usually they look like they are made with a baggillion dingy (Punk dingy, not hobo dingy) pieces of fabric... I want to incorporate one into my wardrobe, but I...
  3. SpadeDancer

    Streaming might become a Felony

    For those of us who post videos of out dancing, we're at risk.... Seems there may be a new law that dictates how many times, in a period of 180 days, that we can upload videos with copy-written materials in them... Which means you're looking at at least a couple years in prison if you post one...
  4. SpadeDancer

    Spade's Performances

    My first performance is fast approaching. On the 17th of this month [July/2011] I will be doing an impromptu performance at the Billings Farmer's Market through a local Alternative Spirituality book store.
  5. SpadeDancer

    Don't know what they're called

    Do you recall the name of those belts favored by Gypsies/hippies during the 70s/80s. They are like little metal pieces linked together. Some are kinda western, some are chunky, some are just plain awesome... I don't know what those style belts are called.
  6. SpadeDancer

    Random, but relevant.

    So, I'm a guy, and intend to wear a minimalist costume, based on a gothic take of tribal, and wonder a very important question.... Should I shave my legs? I'm not too hairy, but I'm not bald either. And, if I shave my legs, should I shave the rest of me? I'm not too worried about being hairy, I...
  7. SpadeDancer

    Spade Dancer's Costume

    Hello. So I'm having a bit of an issue with the fabric I need for a loincloth style 'skirt' I want to go with a gothic/cyberpunk loin cloth but the fabric I have doesn't seem to lay right. It is either too tightly woven, or too light... Not sure. The fabric I'm using is a simple, black...
  8. SpadeDancer

    Just A Male Dancer

    Hello, I'm just the latest addition to male dancers out there. I'm mainly interested in Tribal, with a more gothic/cyberpunk style. I'm interested in bringing something new to the table, a flash of style people don't normally see. Hope to be a productive part of this forum. - King of Spades...