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  1. Ariadne

    Belly dancing in rural areas

    Well considering a Ren Fair during another dry spell is where I was introduced to BD your idea has merit. It will have to wait though as all the Fairs I know of were cancelled this year.
  2. Ariadne

    Belly dance thread on Reddit

  3. Ariadne

    What's Your Favorite Style and Why?

    If we're actually going to discuss it that would be Turkish. Lebanese is second.
  4. Ariadne


    Yes, welcome!
  5. Ariadne

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Can you imagine how heavy that is?
  6. Ariadne

    Hello, I'm new!

  7. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    I have air conditioning and try not to go outside between 11am and 3pm; unless it involves an air conditioned car. But thank you. It rained last night. So the air is sweet and the roads are covered in mud (from the flooding). Still worth it.
  8. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    True that. Air quality is still terrible (sorry you're getting it now Shanazel). There was a lightning storm last night. And we've been dealing with triple digit temperatures even at night for the past few weeks. It's been cooling off though so now it's usually under 110F. Feels...
  9. Ariadne

    Sadie Marquardt May 2020

    Well I enjoyed that. I loved the skirt. The combination of the trimmed handkerchief hem was sweet.
  10. Ariadne

    Requiem for a dancer

    My sympathies.
  11. Ariadne

    Titis Tsai

    Wow. 😯 Just wow.
  12. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    :oops: We're getting scattered showers. I'm giving you the credit.
  13. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    I would take it. Unfortunately we’re still about a month away from our annual late summer rains.
  14. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    Good for your son. That’s a hard dangerous job. We’ve had big fires too and when everything was on fire we were surrounded on all sides by them but they were out in the wilderness or on the mountain caused by careless campers or lightning strikes. These are in or just outside “town”. Causes...
  15. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    Not so far but three of them in the last two weeks have been within a few miles. That's never happened before either. This has literally never happened here before. Ever. Not even back in the nineties when it seemed like the whole country was on fire...
  16. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread I don’t know how many fires this makes now but we’ve never had so many.
  17. Ariadne

    2020 World Weather Thread

    And more fires. The latest is a couple of teenagers shooting off firecrackers in the middle of a red alert no-fire zone... 🤦‍♀️ The temperatures are high and the air quality sucks. I miss going outside.
  18. Ariadne

    Making a Mermaid skirt...

    <--*giggles uncontrollably*