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  1. Jeanne

    Urban Gypsy Folkloric?

    I've taken a few of Sahira's online classes--things that came in the Belly Dance Bundle. I basically like her, but I'm also doubtful about the Urban Gypsy thing, especially the use of the word Gypsy. Urban Gypsy appears to be the name of her tribal troupe...
  2. Jeanne

    Belly dancers in current TV spot

    My experience isn't as colorful as Zorba's, but I did teach a class in a park once. It was part of a promotional event organized by the studio where I was teaching at the time -- an afternoon of free classes showcasing the different styles the studio had. Some of my regular students were there...
  3. Jeanne

    Ya Ward Ala Fol We Yasmin - anybody have a translation?

    Anybody have a translation for Ya Ward Ala Fol We Yasmin?
  4. Jeanne

    Mary Ellen Donald's Middle Eastern Treasures concert -- February 24, 2018

    Renowned percussionist Mary Ellen Donald will present this year's program of her Middle Eastern Treasures series on February 24 in Alameda, California. Mary Ellen is creating an especially impressive show in 2018 to celebrate her 75th birthday later this year. The concert will include two...
  5. Jeanne

    The New Improved 2015 Weather Around the World Thread

    Been cold and rainy for the last few days here in the Bay Area, and I think more is expected. Not pleasant, but since we're in drought recovery, it's nonetheless a good thing. To keep warm, I am making one of these:
  6. Jeanne

    Today in the news: Jay Z and Egyptian song sample

  7. Jeanne

    RIP John Bilezikjian

    You may have heard this elsewhere, but I don't think anyone's posted here yet. Oud master John Bilezikjian passed away on January 19. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but I'm thankful for his wonderful music. Gilded Serpent has a link on their front page to an older...
  8. Jeanne

    Rak West -- who's in this year?

    There seems to have been some weirdness going on with the phone lines during the call-in this year, but we were pretty lucky with my troupe's phoning party (the annual Brunch and Perpetual Redial Extravaganza) -- we managed to get through pretty early in the day. Khamsa will dance at 3:34...
  9. Jeanne

    How do you like my idea for an instant Christmas tree!

    O Shamadan, O Shamadan ...
  10. Jeanne

    Looking for some student quotes

    Hi all, I'm writing an article about belly dance for a magazine aimed at dance teachers and studio owners. They'd like me to include something about what classes are like, possibly with some quotes from students. So, any of you care to share your thoughts? They want to hear about why people...
  11. Jeanne

    Mary Ellen Donald starting new drumming class January 2014

    Bay Area folks: Mary Ellen Donald is starting a new beginner's doumbek class in January 2014. This is a great way to learn the basics of Arabic and Turkish rhythms as well as pick up a new skill. The class is held at Mary Ellen's home in West Oakland, and will be every other Saturday morning...
  12. Jeanne

    Happy Valentine's Day! Announcing my new dance name

    Hi folks! Happy Valentine's Day to all. I'm taking this momentuous occasion to announce that, after not having used one for years, I am adopting a new dance name: Janan. Simple, easy to pronounce, kind of close to my real name. And why am I announcing this on Valentine's Day? It means "heart." ;)
  13. Jeanne

    Btwanes Beek breakdance

    For your entertainment pleasure: YouTube - arab break dance batwanes beek (warda)
  14. Jeanne

    Yikes, she's using my music!

    Although I've seen dancers use different versions of the same song at festivals and such (a couple of years ago I was at a big event and counted no fewer than five different versions of Al Leyla Wa Leyla), I've never seen two dancers use the exact same recording in the same show, and I always...
  15. Jeanne

    young male dancer

    Have you seen this performer? (sorry if this has been posted before, but I didn't find it anywhere) He has pretty good stage presence and skill for his age. YouTube - Al Hassan: Belly Dance Drum Solo
  16. Jeanne

    Hi all

    Greetings everyone, I'm a longtime dancer; haven't done any pro work for quite a while, but have been keeping busy with performing in haflas, student shows, festivals, etc. I've spent a fair amount of time on other online forums, but I'm new to this one. :)