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  • Hi Yasmine!

    What colors in a belly dance costume would become an olive-skinned girl? When I spend time under the sun because of sports (stopped for a couple of months now), I get dark. Photos of my tanned self are in my mini bellydance festival album. Thank you, Yasmine! Just in case, I'll also post this question in the forum.

    Cheers! :)
    Hello Yasmine,

    I was on A'isha's page just now and i saw that you were asking about a song - i think it may be the same song that i was asking about in the lyrics thread.

    If so and you do find lyrics, would you be so kind as to share them with me?

    That song moves me as well, but my version is instrumental so i don't have anything to work with!
    Hi Yasmine,
    Thankyou for your warm welcome.
    What a wonderful little find this site is. I'm hooked!! Bellydance 24/7 what more could a woman want?
    Do you dance with a Troop? Solo Lady?
    What styles do you like?
    Keep Dancing.
    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer
    Thanks Ai'sha for your response. I have a copy of the song from the 'Arabian Legends' CD by Cairo Orchestra. On this version there isn't any lyrics, just an instrumental. But you know how misleading that can be! I think part of a modern dancer's problem is that classical songs are now instrumental versions and we don't understand the true meaning of the music we dance to. I'll keep trying...I'm in it to win it!
    Dear Yasmine,
    I am sorry, I do not, but often Sedonia Sipes knows a lot about music and similar things. She is a doll, too, in case you have never met. If you can tell me what CD it's on, if I have it, I will ask one of my friends to translate if you can't find a translation.
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