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    Instructional DVD´s: Where to buy online?

    Hello Everyone, Once again, I´m back trying to buy Instructional DVD´s and wanted to know where some of you have had success ordering online. IAMED IS NOT AN OPTION for me. I´ve tried with them on 3 different occasions and have concluded that they are a disaster. So, suggestions please...
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    IAMED-The Int´l Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

    Hello Everyone! Once again, I tried my hand at ordering videos from IAMED and this time, unfortunately I placed a very large order of which I was charged for, but never received ANY confirmation, receipt, correspondence, nada. I´ve written three times and have heard nothing. I have to wait...
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    Classes in Paris, France

    Hello Everyone! It´s been a very long while since I´ve been in touch. I´m always glad to come back and see that there continues to be lots of possitive things going on in the community. Well, I´m thinking about going to Paris around the first week of June. My girlfriend that I will be with...
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    Miss/Ms. Jones Bellydance Video

    Hello Everyone! It´s been a while since I´ve been here and I´m glad to see the community alive and well. I´ve been searching high and low for a video that I´ve only seen "ONCE" a long time ago, but it was so different and made an impression. I´m not sure, but I think that it was done by a...
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    Microphone Headsets for Class

    Hello Everyone! I´ve recently been battling with a vicious sore throat and loss of my voice for about 5 days. I´m an ESL teacher as well as a bellydance instructor so I´m using my voice constantly. I realized that this time around, my yearly throat battle was more severe. (My first year doing...
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    IAMED Int'l Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

    Hello, Does anyone know what´s going on with IAMED??? I´ve tried several times to contact them to order videos with no success. With the exception of one announcement that I found recently dated, everything else seems farely out dated??? Tenica
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    Old Thread: Major Costume Malfunction

    Hello Everyone, I´m not sure if this is possible, but I´m looking for a Thread that was started several months ago I believe. It was about a costume malfunction caught on video and inappropriate costume choices. Does anyone remember that one and how I can find it? It was full of good advice...
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    SAME Move/Step DIFFERENT Name

    Hello Everyone! I love this addictive forum. I swear I started going through withdrawal symptoms when the forum was down a few weeks ago because of those hackers! :p It was frightening! :eek: More over, I have learned so much about many interesting things and people that I had no idea about...