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  • Unfortunately, we don't get any notification for rep, but you can go to "User CP," which is the first choice in that long peach band at the top of the screen. Click on that, and it will take you to where you can edit your profile. At the bottom of the page, you should see a list of your latest reps. It will show you who has recently given you rep, and a link to the thread in which it was given. :D

    You can tell how much rep you have by putting your cursor on the little green box(es) under your name when you are in a thread. A white "balloon" will appear, saying, "Reputation, --" (all newbies used to start off with a rep of 10, but I don't know if that has changed). There should be a sticky somewhere that explains about rep (either in Meet And Greet," or in the questions about this web site subforum. :)
    Thanks! I actually told a friend of mine that BD can also be done by males & he didn't believe me, so I showed him some vids & told him that he should pick up a new hobby :lol:

    To Youtube, away :D
    Oh really? I find it interesting that you're inspired by a male dancer :D I'm definitely not used to it, that's for sure! I think I've seen one of Tito's videos before, and I've seen Zorba. I'll look more into his videos! :)

    What about Tito influences you the most? :dance:
    I bet you dance beautifully though! :D what style are you & have you always been it?

    No worries! I'm in the hurricane so I've actually only had internet since yesterday & it's very sparse. Plus, I know that people work & go to school & things so it's totally fine :lol:

    Egyptian for now, once a week! Going up to 3-4 times soon. My family wants me to do ATS since it's closer, but I don't mind the distance if I'm learning what I like :)
    Wow! How cool. How did you get involved with BD? What level do you consider yourself right now? :D

    I just started 8 weeks ago exactly today :lol:
    Interesting. Doing that with a BD career in that you'd be your own manager and work in other countries? ;)

    I'm studying psychology (minors bio & philosophy). I intend on being a neuropsychologist but I'd also love to be some sort of health counselor. & of course I'd love to be at least a semi-pro BDer in my spare time. :lol:

    How long have you been dancing for? :D
    Colette is the name of a character whom gets a disease sometimes throughout the game that causes her skin to deform, and she says at one point how she's learned to appreciate her deformities and things like that. I asked my sister and she said that it wasn't the quote (since it's her favorite game) but she said it's very easy to get it mixed up since it sounds like something she did say. :D

    Whom is Colette? A French author?

    On another note, a lot of authors, philosophers, psychologists, etc. are quoted in videogames and many make references to or make stories based around their theories, concepts, ideas, etc! They're just not as well advertised as the murderous ones that we see on TV and in the news. :)
    Hi! If I may say so, you have a lovely profile pic. Is it posed, or was somebody really lucky in getting a great action shot? The reason is ask is that many of the ladies (including our hostess, Salome) around the Forums are ...uncomfortable about action shots.
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