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  • I would love to visit lebanon... I recently was in Egypt and loved it, one of the girls with us went on to Lebanon, she said it was great. Who knows maybe one day I can save enough money to visit. I would definitely let you know if I was ever to visit.

    I don't perform professionally, just dance with my troupe at local events and haflas. If I had started dancing when I was much younger I probably would have danced professionally, but not now.

    I hope one day I can see you dance, you must be very good, especially seeing that you grace CD covers. Congratulations.

    Are you on Facebook?
    ~Mosaic xxx

    PS: I think I found you, I will add you, so if you see the name Pauline Khong, well that is me:)
    Hello Shahraman, very nice to have you on the forum. Your costumes are so beautiful. you are very talented and must have a lot of patience. I am not very patient when it comes to things like sewing. I find beading particularly frustrating. The sea green and pink set is really lovely, and the red stunning you must look wonderful in that.

    Do you teach as well as perform?
    hi Shahraman.I am a boy I live in iran and I love bellydance,I exersice it 8month an do it lonely,I want to ash how shoulid I exersice till be like a proffessional bellydancer(like you).thanks.
    Hi Shahraman, thank you. I realy want to come back to dance. I’ll very thankful, if you introduce me to the ajency.
    Dear Shahraman, I’m happy to find new friend. I’m didn’t dance a long time. I studied management in Ukrainian-arabic institute of international relation in Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in Kiev. This institute was establish by Arabic businessmen. At first I knew about Arabic culture and dance when I was a student. Then I studied Arabic language and islam religion in Kiev Arabic culture centre during 1 year. Every year in my institute we prepared Arabic holiday and danced on this party. At first I saw professional belly dancer. She was beautiful. After party she invited me in belly dance school “El bi”. I took lessons 1 year. When I learned a little belly dance, I started dancing at a Marrakesh restaurant. It was exiting filling. After some time, so the situation that I was forced to suspend the dances and learn Arabic. In September this year, I defended a diploma and has worked in the specialty. Of course, I lost skills in dance and almost forgot the Arabic language. But I am not leaving the idea again to dance. I visited Egypt, Syria and Turkey. I would like to dance abroad. Best regards. Suraija.
    Yes I loved the tiger costume, the colours and the material. Just beautiful. Your designs are amazing. Clever Lady.
    Life is great. I am doing w/shops with Rachel Brice this w/end.
    Can't wait!!!!! I have danced with her before. Great fun.
    Great to chat Beautiful Lady.
    Hi, Shahraman. I am a junior member too. I find you in the russian belly dancers group. Where do you from? I from Ukraine, Kiev. I want to be your friend.
    Hi, Shahraman. I am a junior member too. I find you in the russian belly dancers group. Where do you from? I from Ukraine, Kiev. I want to be your friend.
    Oh Shahraman,
    YES!!! I do like them.
    They are Just georgeous!!! How talented are you? (and beautiful too, I might add)
    You need to upload your profile picture so we can see your smile.
    If your unsure how to do it, go to your Private messages (up the top) and will show you what to do.
    Your designs are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing them.
    Lotus Dancer.
    Hi shahraman, yes definitely the same person! I don't have her personal email, but you could email her via the Amira's palace, I'm sure she would reply. Sorry for the delay in replying I've been offline for a bit!
    Yes that is the same Amira.
    I will pass on your email to her.
    I would love to see the costumes you have made for the Toros agency.
    It's a beautiful passion to be able to create lovely dance pieces. You're very lucky!!!
    I do tribal head-pieces in shells, flowers, feathers etc... I love doing these, and how amazing is it, when a dancer wants one. It's a great feeling.
    Will contact Amira for you.
    Chat soon.
    Lotus Dancer.
    Hi shahraman, it very well could be - she's based in Australia (Sydney I believe), and came to Christchurch to hold a weekend workshop. I know she worked in the Gulf, but not sure if she was in Lebanon. She was a wonderful teacher, and an amazingly inspirational dancer. So warm and giving!
    Hello Shahraman,
    Yes I do know a lady called Amira, she is based in Canberra now (if it is the same dancer.)
    The name I wondered if you knew the meaning for was "Shyhan." I watched a story on a brave little boy who was extremely ill from Lebanon and this was his name. It was a Beautiful story.

    My 6 y.o. daughter has just learn't alot about Lebanon for the Olympics, this was Country her grade chose. She brought us home lot's of beautiful information. It was great.
    So how long have you been dancing for? I would love to see some of your dancing.
    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer.
    Hi shahraman,
    Welcome to this wonderful forum.
    I see you are from Lebanon. I was wondering if you know what the name 'Shyhan' means? I have looked everywhere, and cannot find the meaning.
    I saw a documentary on a brave little boy from Lebanon who was very ill, and this was his name.
    I was so inspired by this story and his fight that I have never forgotten it.
    Enjoy posting in this forum, it's a wonderful place to be.
    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer
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