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    Az Az Kaboria by Ortega

    Hello hello!! So I've been searching for the lyrics of this song Az Az Kaboria by Ortega (also azaz kabouria ahlam) in arabic so that someone could help me translate them or at least tell me what the song is about, and can't find it anywhere T_T...
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    Teaching Belly Dance in a kid's summer camp. Some advice?

    Hello again! Soon I will start teaching belly dance to children in a summer camp. I checked the forum but really didn't find anything about summer camps specifically, and I would like some advice. Some of you might remember that I am relatively " new" to the dances of the middle east (started...
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    Too Skinny for belly dance? honest question ><

    Hello, <I just guess I needed to get this out of my system, sorry I know it is super long, thanks for taking your time to read this!> Well, I don't know where to start, but let me just say this is a serious question. In many dance forms being thin is seeing as a virtue, but I am not sure if...
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    Why I dance (video)

    I found this inspiring video, and wanted to share it with you Why I dance... Pourquoi je danse... - YouTube Its not a belly dance video, but it captures the many reasons why we dance. Can you share any other inspiring dance videos?
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    My first zills *o*

    I just wanted to share with you my excitement after receiving my first zills. Okay, first I have TERRIBLE hand posture -.- I need a LOT of practice, but playing (trying to) the zills makes me self concious of my hands all the time while (trying to) dancing. Its hard to dance and play the zills...
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    Hi! I'm a dancer & a dreamer...

    Hello Everyone, Im new here ^_^ And officially Im also new to the dance world aswell. I've been in love with dancing since I was a little kid, and I've been into belly dancing for about 10 years. Sadly I didn't have an opportunity to go to a dance school, due to many family issues, but now I'm...