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  • Some time ago, yes. September 5 2009 in Stockholm to be precise (between the sets of the show with Aziza and more at Teater Scenario). Did you remember that? ;)
    Hi Safran!
    You wouldn't know the dancer to the right in this picture, would you?
    Thank you for the rep! I thought I was gonna get ripped apart for that one. Lovely costume up above btw.
    Thanks for the rep! What a pretty costume in your profile picture, is that a new one?
    Hi Safran thanks for the rep! It's all true about my handbag, that's the sad thing!
    Hi Maariku -- I'm visually oriented, trying to decide which I like best: your profile pic, or your avatar. Difficult decision!!! They're both gorgeous!
    Hello Maariku,
    Thankyou for your warm welcome.
    Wow what a beautiful costume you have on in your picture, is it burgandy or red?
    What style of costume is more prevalent on your side of the world?
    Australia has lot's of beaded bra's and full skirts, coin belts etc...
    That costume you have on is just exquisite!!!
    What style would you call this?
    Smiles to you from Down Under
    Lotus Dancer
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