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  • hey tim, belly dance super stars is comming to the Turlock community Theater Oct 18th. you can go on line and buy seats. they start out at $35
    Not sure how to tell ya to upload pictures. You might want to ask the site adminstrator or one of the moderators for help with that. As for the Assyrian dances being line dances I'm not sure since they teach so many different types of folk dance. I don't think the Assyrian ones were,but I think they've done some type of line dances there.
    The Kropps along with Floyd Davis and Barbara Summers teach all different types of folk dances. Greek, Israeli, Yugoslavian, American,Assyrian. All different types. They try to have a certain number of people there every night since a lot of dances require couples. Then there are some dances that require a certain number of couples.
    Thats cool. what kind of folk dancing ? hey I will email Rabia, maybe she will call the Kropps. I was hoping to get her to come see us and maybe give us a workshop. last time she did one in Turlock, at My friend Chris's dance school.
    Well the dance thing in Ceres is actually a dance floor in the garage of a folk dance classmates farmhouse. The dance floor there is substitute dance space for folk dancing. I heard Rabia moved to Nevada I thought it was Las Vegas. The Kropps haven't heard from her in a long time.
    Hey Tim Rabia move to Reno. I email her form time to time. Sometimes she comes down to give a workshop. But she has'nt come down for a longtime. Do you go to the dance shool in Ceres? I was looking for another place to teach.
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