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  • I'm happy to hear you are doing well! I hope there is peace again in egypt soon. God bless.
    Hi, Outi. I remember how excited you were when you first headed to Egypt to dance. I hope it has been everything you wished for. Shanazel PS you share a birthday with my mother.
    Hello , how are you doing, this is bayudancer from west africa. i saw your profile for the first time in the bellydanceforum and its very nice to me and i will like to know you better, because i like to be meeting a dancer like me because i am a professional dancer in africa.you can reply to my address bayudancer_nig012@hotmail.com, i hope to read back from you as soon as you get me message.
    Hi Outi,
    I just thought I should Pm you and introduce myself properly!
    I also want you to know that nothing in my posts is aimed at you. Most of the time I an genuinely interested in other peoples perspectives but my habit of speaking my mind and asking questions can come across badly.
    I have spent alot of time in Cairo over the years and still do. I used to have an apartment in Nadey said St. in Mohandiseen but since 2004 I relocated to Masr Gedida (behind the Mahkama).
    We have not met before and I am ashamed to say i dont think I have seen you dance. Where do you dance or have danced before?
    As you know, when you spent alot of time in Cairo you dont spend all your time around belly dancers etc. unless with friends and visitors. I am a very close friend of Sara and Sherif Farouk and I know Yasmina and Lorna etc. but spend alot of time with friends out of belly dancing too.
    Again, sorry if i come across in my posts like I am ready to bite! lol
    Take care, Caroline x
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