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  • Yes, that's me in the flick, but Edwina Nearing invented the coined hipscarf. Lucy SMith & I "invented" the ones with beaded fringe (then Mahmoud abd el Ghaffar combined the two)

    That movie was "Only One New York". I was in 2 segments, one at Larry Matthews 24 hour beauty salon (publicity gimmick: I'd never let him touch my hair!) & dancing in another, wheree they gave some interesting misinfo about me in the narration.

    There were NO dancers in "Mondo Cane" - just that heartwrenching segment of the Galapagos sea tortoise, whose directional radar was so skewed by residual radiation from A-bomb tests in that area, that she crawled further & further inland insteadof returning to the sea & died of thirst, while hallucinating that she was in the sea again & trying to swim.

    & another segment about the cult of the cargo plane & the innocent natives who erected shrimes & prayed that a cargo plane would land for them with gifts.

    Both of those segments still make me cry, just describing them.

    However, "Only One New York" (French director) came out about the same time as "Mondo Cane" (Italian director)


    For future ref, this is NOT how/ where to reach me. Use <>
    Hello, Morocco, welcome to the forum (sorry i'm so very late). What I would like to know is, are you the same Morocco in the "American Bellydancer" documentary, and the inventor of the coined hip scarf (if you are the iinventor, THANK YOOOOOU!!! :D *hugs!*)?

    I love coins... Oo
    Hi Morocco,

    Did I see you in the movie ''Mondo Cane'' back in the 60s?

    If I'm wrong, sorry for the error as my mind has been blighted by premature old age.

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