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    I'm back again!

    Hi everyone! I'm back on the forums after another long hiatus. The first hiatus was when I moved from Canada to the UK. Now after 6 years in London I've moved to Sydney, Australia 6 months ago and am loving it. Now that I've settled in I'm going to start revving up my dance life again and am...
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    What to do when a student just doesn't get it?

    I've been having a little problem with one of my students and would love your advice. I've been teaching this lovely lady private lessons for a little while now. She picks up things relatively well and is particularly good at grasping fast/sharp movements such as any kind of shimmy. She has...
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    taking one for the team...?

    Did something kind of stupid yesterday, but I think understandable given the situation... so I thought I would share! I was sitting in a meeting at work, and the facilitator decided that we'd do this game where everyone shares something about themselves. The way the game worked, it just so...
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    Feminism, Feminists (Spin Off on Sadie/Kaya Thread)

    Just wanted to post about this too as I am quite excited about it. For those of you who remember feminism and for those of you (like me) who don't but want to learn more: There's a great documentary on BBC iplayer right now called 'Women'. It's a 3-part series by filmmaker Vanessa Engle about...
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    How do you promote your business?

    I have been lucky enough to mainly get by on personal recommendation and word of mouth, assisted in no small part by my website. These days I've been thinking of stepping things up a bit though, and so have been thinking about this topic. There are so many ways to promote bellydance business...
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    natacha atlas mistaneek - translation?

    I love this song and dance to it often, but only understand the french bits! I was wondering if one of our Arabic-speaking forum members might be able to help me understand what she is saying in the arabic sections? I get the habibi' and 'alby' but not the other parts! The french sections are...
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    what is your favourite song to dance to?

    I know that I certainly have a few songs that are my favourites and at least one of them generally lands on my set list at almost every performance. I tend to like traditional upbeat stuff the most, all the better if I can zill along! Noticed the trend the other day and thought it would be...
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    phone number on website?

    I don't currently have a contact phone number up on my website and haven't done so for over 4 years now because basically I don't want to deal with creeps calling me at any hour of the day. However, it makes more business sense to have a contact number, and not just an email address, in my...
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    meaning of salamat?

    This word crops up now and again in ME songs - can someone tell me what it means? I should probably already know but have resisted looking it up because it means 'thank you' in my mother's language, and that is what it immediately gets translated to in my brain - is it the same meaning in Arabic?
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    Where to get a good costume in London in less than 2 weeks?

    I'd really like to get a new costume before heading to the UAE in 2 weeks... I don't know if I'll be able to easily find something there (and price differences whether good or bad?) so I thought I'd explore my options for getting a costume while I'm still here in London. Only problem is, I...
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    Might be moving to the UAE next month! Any dance advice??

    Hi all, I'd posted this thread a little while ago but it disappeared, so am posting again since I'd really like to get some advice! My partner might get posted to Abu Dhabi next month, and I am planning to go with him! We would be there for 6-8 weeks, and of course I would like to use that...
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    It's been awhile!

    I've finally reregistered on this forum after a couple years of being incommunicado! It's good to be back.