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  • Same here! When you can, join a student troupe. I can't wait to see how you are as a dancer seeing your previous experience + how you grow! :D

    Also, I cleared my inbox so if you ever want to PM me in the future, you can :lol:
    I meant, do you plan on performing & teaching? I'm not sure if I would make a living off of BD, but I would definitely consume my life with it ;)

    Wow! Where is Ruby from? I'm going to check out her website now :)

    Your description of the hip-hop class :lol: I'm so sorry that happened, I definitely think your teacher was odd, & I'm sure the other student was uncomfortable too. At least you don't have to worry about that happening now :)

    I was always fascinated by dance; I always wanted to do dance + music classes growing up but couldn't afford them. My high school had a BD troupe that began every year with class 2x a week -- & my schedule never allowed me to beat others to it :lol: so I saw them perform EVERY year & just wanted to so badly. My college offered it but the schedule never fit either. So, I tried some tutorial vids on Youtube last summer, & in September it finally fit. & here I am! Obsessed & dancing nonstop. I love it more than anything & refuse to not have time for it :D
    I COMPLETELY understand how you feel regarding arms. I plan on buying the Arms DVD by Ruby soon, in the meantime I just practice patterns from class :)

    Aw! How cute! & now you go to BD regularly :clap: that's such a beautiful & sweet story! Do you plan on going professional with BD, rather than ballet now? :dance:

    There really is no other dance like BD, there's something about it that makes it so fulfilling & special. Although I don't have a full dance background, I've been trying to take at least one class in as many styles as possible & nothing speaks to me like BD does! :D

    By the way, what was wrong with hip-hop? :lol:
    I'd love to hear the story! Do tell :dance:

    I completely understand! Have you started learning reverse undulation yet? My favorite moves are definitely figure 8s & 3/4 shimmies. I LOVE 3/4 shimmies. I do them all the time! My family has gotten used to me randomly doing one, on line or while talking to someone. :lol:

    What I need to improve on in the basics more than anything is the basic shimmy. I've always had such a small movement, but recently it 'clicked' for me in how it should be & I've been working on it. Is there any move that you're working on right now? :D
    Wonderful! Did it just randomly come up in conversation or? That's so sweet! :D how are you enjoying BD right now? Any moves you're particularly proud of/ love? I saw in your thread how you've been dancing for so long -- I imagine that it's helped you a lot with BD :dance:

    That's so nice! I'm from Staten Island, but I've gone to school in the city throughout my life so I'm a city girl. :D
    Hi Marissa! So, how did you get involved with Bellydance a few months ago? & I see that you are also from New York! :D
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